Friday, April 17, 2015

Look Deeper

Yesterday I received some devastating news about my health so I have been in a bit of a fog.  I realize however, that I have been give an opportunity to truly heal the deepest parts of myself!  I have also been give the chance to deepen my connection to and faith in my Creator!

Today I am out getting prescriptions and as I wait, I begin to hear a faint hum and feel an energy rising through me.  I see the people around me, not as physical beings, but as pure energy and creation.

Suddenly I hear a voice (yes, that still small yet powerful voice we all know) say to me:

"Look deeper...go beyond what you think you see and know!  As you do, you will truly know me and yourself as ALL of creation.  Finally you will be a creator yourself."

What a difference a day makes when we ask for guidance and surrender to that guidance.

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