Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morphed...Why I Do What I Do

I started this post about my move and then it morphed inside me into a new topic..."Why I do What I do".

As the holidays are now upon us and I realized that I will be exposed to people who have no idea who I am or what I am about, I began to think about my work and why I am so passionate about it.

I think it boils down to fear.  I was raised in fear and still fight a long struggle with that and control.  I think many of us do because we have been told over and over again that we must control our circumstances by having a good job, saving money, preparing for retirement, buying a house and building equity, having health insurance...etc. 

And yet, let's look at society today.  We have more addiction to drugs, alcohol and food than ever before. We are treating young people for obesity and diabetes for crying out loud.  We are scratching our heads at why there has been a Columbine or a 9-11 or any other terrible tragedy.  We are picking up the pieces from an economy built on a stack of cards and greed.  So much for controlling our circumstances!

...there has to be more.  And, guess what?  There is!  There is so much more and so much more happiness, peace, health and joy to be had...but all of this will not be had by fighting for control or running from fear. 

This transformation will come about when we stand still and recognize that there is a force, an intelligence around us and within us that is centered in oneness, love and spirit.  It is that still, small voice within you that tells you of a truth that is so ancient you should not have any knowledge of it but yet, you do...

There will be a time when understanding that "the kingdom of God is within you" means that all of us can be loving, kind people as a of ego, expectation and judgement on a daily basis rather than showing up to a ritual once a week or a few times a year and then forgetting how to love one another once we exit the pew.  We can nod our heads in acknowledgement when we hear that God doesn't care about what is the right religion.   And we will nod our heads because we KNOW that we do not need a religion or a church if we are truly LIVING the life that is intended for us. 

We won't be afraid to say the word "God" because for once, it will represent only what it should...pure and total love of all in perfect creation.

We will heal ourselves and heal this planet because there will no longer be hierarchy ...all will be equal because of the knowledge that everything in existence was created by something so spectacular that it could never be a mistake or taken for granted.  

Can this really happen? can and it can start within each one of us if we are willing to allow our ego to be removed and replaced by a knowledge that we are all one, connected by something precious, powerful living and loving.  That to harm another person or thing means that we harm ourselves and that would be crazy...unthinkable.
So with this vision, I keep doing what I do...helping people to find their way out of pain, dis-ease and fear.  When I see someone make that connection to a new reality - a reality that is promising, hopeful and near then I have accomplished something!  When I see someone who is now free from pain help another person find relief from their own nightmare, that is meaningful.  When I see someone connect to whatever they believe God to be and begin to live in freedom, then I can sleep soundly at night - because I know we are one step closer to a world of love and oneness.   Amen and sweet dreams.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blocked on Facebook!

Recently, I discovered that I had been “blocked” by someone on Facebook…not because I had done something inappropriate, but because I was being punished for something that I must have done and did not know about! That experience, coupled with the people I know who are having romantic relationships through text messaging, has compelled me to write this.

Have we really become so unable to communicate with people one on one that we have resorted to the counterfeit intimacy of texting and social networking sites? Is there any hope for a world without conflict when we are unable to put forth an effort to tell someone in person that we have been hurt by something they said or did? Are we now a world where we rely on “settings” to communicate for us? If we “block” someone, are we hoping that they will realize they have done something hurtful and then we won’t have to tell them?

I don’t like confrontation anymore than the next person. For years I tried to avoid having to speak up because I had spent years of my life not being heard; however, I had a huge epiphany one day as I stomped my feet over a co-worker’s bad behavior. I was so angry that she failed to do the right thing without being told! Then I started to wonder, why was I so upset by this? What she had done was irritating, but not horrible.

Boom… it hit me! I expected her to act appropriately because otherwise, I might just have to be uncomfortable and speak up! I hated confrontation so much that I just wanted everyone around me to behave so that I would be ok. The problem was not her behavior, it was my inability to speak to her without thinking it was a confrontation!

I needed to find a voice that was free of ego, expectation and judgment. I needed to find a way to speak truth with love, rather than be confrontational. The Universe was teaching me to find a respectful way of behaving and communicating with people.

I suspect that many of us have this same problem…unfortunately, the solution will not be found in retreating and hiding behind internet sites and their settings. All of us need to grow spiritually and emotionally within so that we can face our own fears and learn to speak up with kindness and love.

And finally, we must also realize that not being heard is really someone else’s problem …and that is something we cannot fix!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Out of A Learned Rut

I have an idea...I want to work at different minimum wage jobs and take my spiritual and life coaching work to the jobsite! I want to see if I can help those people who work in these kinds of jobs find a way out.

(It was brought to my attention that there is a book out there called Nickel and Dimed that discusses this issue from a sociological perspective.)

My hope is to offer people in these types of jobs a new belief system: If you change HOW and WHAT you think, you can eventually change your life entirely.

We have taught people in this country through years of repetition that there is simply not enought to go around and that some get most and most get only some. In reality, there is plenty out there to go around and it is only our wrong thinking that keeps us in this rut. Once someone decides that he/she can achieve abundance, that person will achieve it through right thinking and action.

So I am putting it to you...what do you think will be the response? Do you think most people will jump at this opportunity? or do you believe I have my work cut out for me? Have we convinced a class of people in this country that they are stuck forever in a place that will never let them leave? Or will the fear of change overshadow the potential long-term benefits?

My hope is that everyone who has the opportunity to grow and change will take it, but I could be wrong.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Laws of the Universe & Subsidies

I was thinking about welfare, work comp and all the people I happen to know who find ways to live on subsidies from the government. While all of us can enter an unending debate about this process and why it is right or wrong, I want to offer a little discussed and different perspective on this.

When one takes advantage of a financial program that guarantees a meager monthly stipend without any work being exchanged, that person, perhaps unknowingly, is required to adhere to that program's value of money.

Let me explain.

We all have a relationship to and with money, i.e. what we think about money and how easily or difficult it comes to us. Usually, we learn this from our parents and friends as we grow up. Most often, we don't end up with a very healthy concept of what money is, represents or how to earn and keep it. For example, some of us were taught that "money doesn't grow on trees" or we have to work at a miserable job all our lives just to make a living.

As we get older and more independent, most of us are forced to come to terms with our old ideas about money and evaluate how well these ideas work for us. This exercise can often free us from keeping worn out concepts that would have kept us stuck in a poverty mentality.

However, when we rely on a government agency or institution to give us something on a monthly basis that barely covers rent, food and other expenses, we are forced to adopt THAT agency's concepts about money! Because these programs were created to only replace wages on a short-term basis, the concept associated with such programs is usually ill defined. On a short-term basis, an ill defined concept of money or even a "poverty mentality" may be fairly harmless.

On a long term basis, poverty mentality is destructive. Unemployment, disability and welfare were never constructed to replace long term working wages; as such, the agencies that distribute them do not have a concept of money that correlates with abundance and prosperity!

When you enlist in these programs, you are agreeing to a mentality of LACK. You are acknowledging that for this moment, you are in a state of lack and require assistance. That is precisely WHY these programs are meant to remain short-term. Otherwise, you can spend your entire life in a state of LACK or poverty mentality.

Unfortunately today, more and more people are relying on these programs to provide them a long term solution to cash flow without exchanging any energy in return. Consequently, more and more people are accepting this poverty mentality and agreeing to live in LACK for many months or years. Since we know that "like attracts like", it is virtually impossible to be associated with these programs and work your way out of this destructive mentality.

If used correctly, these programs provide exactly what they are meant to: a life boat that gets us to shore. When used improperly, these programs create a group of people who become trapped in a mentality of lack and ultimately look to an outside agency for the solution to poverty. This is never where the solution will be found.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Divine Creator & Divine Us

I just read something that hit me in my third eye! It was part of a newsletter by Adrian Cooper of "Our Ultimate Reality" and here it is:

"This brings us to the most important truth of all, a truth which has
been taught by all civilizations throughout the ages - that every
single person, without exception, is an immortal Spiritual being,
a true son or daughter of God.

We have absolutely all the creative power of God, but only to the
extent that we can realise God within. The more we can realise
God within, the more powerful creators we are plain and simple.

So we have to start from the position that we are children of God,
encourage people to assimilate that great truth, and then to
understand the implications - specifically that we are all channels
of expression and experience of God, with the freewill to learn by

What hit me is highlighted in BOLD...I work with clients all the time who have no real idea of what or who God is in their lives. They believe in God, they feel they have a connection with God, but that is as far as it goes. When I ask specifics, they cannot answer me because they have never really defined what God is to them.

And this is where it gets interesting...if we are OF God, ("made in his image") but we don't have a clear idea of what God is, then how do we know who we are and what we are capable of?

When I began my own spiritual journey, one task was to define God in the most specific terms I could come up with. It wasn't enough just to believe or think there was a God somewhere out there. I needed a God that was infinitely powerful and creative; A God that is with me ALL the time; a God that spoke with me and listened to me; a God that counseled me when I asked; a God that surrounded and enveloped me all day long. I also needed a God that healed me when I asked for healing.

Today, I see how important this exercise has been. By creating this amazing, creative and unlimited God in my life, I have acknowledge that I too can be amazing, creative and unlimited in my life. If I had limited my concept of God, I would by definition, limit my concept of me.

So, as you go along on your path, please consider the God or Source that you have in your life. Be clear and specific on what you want from God, so that you too will be as unlimited and resourceful!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is happening?

In the wake of all the recent tragedies and shootings in the United States, we will once again begin hearing the debate about gun control. Unfortunately, this debate no longer addresses the actual issue in this world and that is this: There is a spiritual disconnect in our society. Not a religious disconnect, although that is probably a residual effect, but there is a spiritual disconnect in that we have begun to believe that our happiness, peace and joy come from outside ourselves. We no longer find contentment or definition from within.

Until we address why we have abandoned any link to our spiritual selves and to source or creator, we will continue to have the kind of fear and anger that results in these kinds of "senseless acts". For the last several months, we cannot escape hearing about recession, job loss and home loss; additionally, we are fed by the media a constant diet of who we should blame for all of this. Again, our focus is outside ourselves...if we are not able to buy our happiness, then we should damn well be able to blame our unhappiness on something other than our own perceptions.

What is the answer? It is time that we look within and remember who we are. We are spiritual beings sharing a human existence or experience. Yet, we have forgotten that we are spiritual beings first and foremost. Once we remember this, we will discover that we have been given all the tools that we need to repair what is wrong.

Additionally, we must remember to look at each other not as separate entities, but as another aspect of ourselves. If we see each other as many parts of a whole, then we stop looking for the differences but focus more on ONENESS. Can you imagine this world and how loving it would be if we recognized that we are all ONE? That to hurt another living being was actually hurting ourselves? This is where we need to be.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Point of Reference

I heard an interview today with an author who had gone to experience the training that all navy seals go this case, it was how to survive in water. The idea was that if you maintain your Point of Reference (POR) when all hell is breaking loose, you will have a much better chance of surviving the hell and coming out alive and in tact!

So...I got to thinking about maintaining your Point of Reference (POR) in life. Many of us probably never think about even having a Point of Reference (POR) in life and that is why we go through our days, weeks, months and years not really knowing where we are or which way we are headed. When time passes as quickly as it does, we are suddenly surprised at where we ended up because we didn't really intend to go there in the first place! I think that is why so many of us suffer from addiction to food, drugs, money, low self-esteem, etc. We don't have a POR to use so that we get from point A to Z in tact and with something to show for it!

What is your POR? do you even know where to start to have a POR? and is this POR a place outside of you or within you that keeps you on track no matter what?

For years, church or religion provided the POR for most people, but if we think about it, church and/or organized religion also makes us focus on something outside of ourselves. The strongest PORs come from within...if we can find our true spiritual connection to what we determine G-d to be or Source is, then we are always linked and centered in a strong Point of Reference.

Because this POR comes from the inside out, it is completely defined by us and our own spiritual path or journey; it is not out there for someone else to judge or take away; it fills up that dark void inside of us that want to always remind us that we are just not good enough.

Keep your POR within you ...take time each day to reconnect to this POR and acknowledge where you are right at that moment...give thanks to your G-d or Source for being and staying connected to something so powerful that you are never alone. And, always wear comfortable walking shoes because this is quite a journey that we are all on!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Being Creators of Our Reality

I want to share with you the following links:

I came across these purely by chance the other day....I say by chance when I know deep down that nothing is by chance! I needed to read about this wonderful ancient healing found in Hawaii!

The basic idea is this: as creators of our own reality, we can heal and change that reality just by healing ourselves! What a powerful idea...let's say you have been having trouble with a person in your life. Most of us would decide that either we needed to talk to them and change them or just let go of them altogether. Well, in this ancient healing practice, we are taught that the only way to fix the problem with this person is to heal ourselves!!!

The Process of Ho'oponopono:
1. Bring to mind anyone with whom you do not feel total alignment or support, etc.
2. In your mind's eye, construct a small stage below you .
3. Imagine an infinite source of love and healing flowing from a source above the top of your head (from your Higher Self), and open up the top of your head, and let the source of love and healing flow down inside your body, fill up the body, and overflow out your heart to heal up the person on the stage. Be sure it is all right for you to heal the person and that they accept the healing.
4. When the healing is complete, have a discussion with the person and forgive them, and have them forgive you.
5. Next, let go of the person, and see them floating away. As they do, cut the aka cord that connects the two of you (if appropriate). If you are healing in a current primary relationship, then assimilate the person inside you.
6. Do this with every person in your life with whom you are incomplete, or not aligned.
7. The final test is, can you see the person or think of them without feeling any negative emotions. If you do feel negative emotions when you do, then do the process again.
Blessings & Release as we begin this new year.