Friday, January 16, 2015

Who am I?

Jan 15 , 2015

Yesterday I had a moment of realization.

Everything that I have accepted as being "Lynn Walker" in many ways was created FOR me...

Even before I was conceived, the person I would become was being created!  

Here is how:

First, I was being created by my parents hopes, dreams and ambitions for having children...they individually and then collectively decided on what their children should be offered and made choices about how their children would succeed.

Secondly, I was also molded by society's expectations of who a person must become. What is a good person and how they behave in the world became part of my script.

Lastly,  my teachers had their own expectations and definitions of who a student should be and what a student should learn.

And above all, when I was cognitively ready, I agreed to all of these expectations and input.

So much is decided and chosen for each of us before we are able to agree.  Consequently, many of us simply accept these scripts and play these out during our lives, never questioning who we truly are!

So beyond this...who am I?

The truth is, I am not any one of these scripts.  I am only consciousness or awareness created by Source or extended by Source to experience pure, infinite love.  This can never be learned or taught as we are born into this purity of power.  Our task is to awaken and remember this.

As I contemplated this, I came to see that my script is like the film running through a projector being shown on a screen;  however, my true self/being is the light which shines and illuminates this film!  Even if the film stops or breaks, the light, my light continues to shine!  

I am this light forever, may I never forget.

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