Thursday, August 11, 2016

Illness or Chronic Pain

Dear Friends,

If you are dealing with an acquaintance, friend or loved one who is struggling with illness and/or chronic pain but the answers as to why are elusive, please don't make assumptions.  We are not always meant to have the answers until we are ready for them.

Over the course of my illness in the last three years, I have not always had a "why" that can be answered definitively.  Sometimes I even look very healthy to you; however, that does not mean I am not still struggling to stay alive.

I have recently been accused of being beaten by a boyfriend as well as accused of using heroin or methamphetamine just so someone could satisfy their own need to justify my illness.

This type of judgement is so damaging to anyone who is trying to heal or find their own acceptance of a horrific diagnosis.

Instead, realize your need to know is not important to the process...instead, offering unconditional love and space to heal is required.  Practice this and you will be amazed at the shift that will occur within you and for that individual who is so sick.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Great Illusion

We have, in fact, dreamt this physical world into existence.  All the characters are imbibed with their seemingly own ability to create and dream as we do.  Each experience is meant for us individually - to teach us something about ourselves.  Therefore, every person is also dreamt into reality to teach us about ourselves so that we may ultimately awaken from the dream, remembering we are Home.


You are, in truth, one with God/Creator.  As the right hand meets the left in prayer, so too does duality merge into One.