Friday, April 17, 2015

Look Deeper Part II

Here's is my Part II to learning how not to make people, places and things outside of me so powerful that the me inside is diminished.

Not only did I begin to resent and fear those I gave so much power to, but I also ended up making them my other words, I only defined myself by their views or reactions to me!

I think we can all see how that means we never live in our true self, nor can we even figure out how to find that true self.

So, enough analysis and talk.  It is time to get quiet and go within fearlessly, but also with absolute faith that each of us will find and connect to Self.  Then we no longer need anyone or anything without to reflect or define us.

Instead we are free to live and love purely and powerfully without expectation or judgment!  We, in effect, live and love fearlessly as Anita exclaims!I had a truly amazing experience this morning!

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