Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Worship of Death

Yes, this is going to raise eyebrows, but read it and think about its truth...we do spend far more time worried about our death and what will happen during and after that time, than we do getting to know the Truth and the One Source from whom we could and have never been separated...if we have never been separated and never will be, then how could there be death?  Let's rewrite our history to become a culture of LIFE and LOVE, not fear.
- Lynn

As Written by Paul West (published on Facebook 4-2-2917)

"The biggest religion in the world is the worship of death.

Just about everyone believes in it.

Just about everyone bows down and allows it to happen.

Just about everyone wants it to happen to them.

Just about everyone fears it as a result.

Just about everyone is choosing it.

Just about everyone knows someone who has experienced it.

Just about everyone thinks it is an inevitable, un-questionable truth.

Just about everyone is convinced it cannot be undone.

Just about everyone experiences it eventually even if they spend their entire lives saying they do not believe in it.

Just about everyone from any religion believes in it.

Just about everyone sabotages themselves so that it will happen to them.

Just about everyone has a death wish.

Just about everyone is suicidal.

Just about everyone wants it, loves it, adores it and worships it.

When all else is over, and all other thoughts and opinions and religions and ways of life come and go, it all ends at death's door with a worship of the idea that you must be sacrificed to please death.

Isn't it about time we started to defect from this death worship super-cult and started to believe in the reality of immortality?"

The Greatest Healer I've Ever Met

"There is no incurable, God is the greatest physician."

Bruno Groning

Letting Holy Spirit In and Seeing God

I've had such a traumatic day filled with egos here and there - mine of course.

Nothing to eat all day as I was in too much pain and too worried about someone else.

Finally made it to the store for just essentials and everyone was so kind!  As I was exiting an aisle, a box display of children's Easter books toppled over and books flew everywhere.

Why must they put these displays where they know a cart can't go by it?

Just then as I begin, in horrific pain, trying to put things back, a young man in his early twenties, stopped to help me!

I saw him as God.  I had forgotten the other kind ones, but finally HS got through to me and standing in front of me, helping me put a display back was God!!!!

What a miracle!