Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Unconditional Love

Unfortunately very few people KNOW truly what unconditional love is Love without a subject and an object.  When you arrive at this place of Love (no subject/no object) there will no longer be anything but that Love as your experience.  

People are rarely willing to go that far into self inquiry, discovery and forgiveness to lose all duality and rest wholly in the non duality of Love without ANY conditions.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Fight to the Death!!

I am in the process of trying to handle something with a medical group. It is taking an unreal about of time and energy due to the employees of said group being incredibly lazy, negative and unresponsive.

Yesterday, it was going on one month since I first made the request and by all accounts, this issue should have been resolved in two days!

I left the medical office with yet another disappointment requiring further time and waiting on my part.

As I got in my car, I wanted desperately to feel the anger and outrage my ego is entitled to feel and display after being so disrespected!  Unfortunately, my At One Self was not allowing me to go there.  I literally tried screaming and sobbing to no avail.  I just could no longer commit to being enraged!

Finally, giving up on this kind of reaction, I decided to try plummeting myself into abject despair.  Nope!  This was not going to work either.  I had no other choice but to just leave it...walk away!  Most who know me will agree this is not a comfortable position for me. I am not someone who concedes to others’ stupidity or inability.

Well...I guess, now I am conceding to my own being that is no longer defined by “out there”, but instead is committed to shining from WITHIN...!!!

It may feel a bit foreign to the “me” just yet, but to the I Am, it feels just right.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Divine Spark

The secret of secrets is the divine spark
within each of us.
Rememberence is remembering
that which we already know
It is to get in touch with that divine spark
that God has placed within each human being.
In the Koran it says that God breathed from
the divine soul into Adam;
another way of translating that would be
that God placed a divine spark into
every human being.  And that divine spark
is the secret of secrets.
My master put it this way:
That spark in us could set the whole universe
on fire. Its greater than the universe itself
because its a spark of what is infinite.
And its within every one of us.
Who we are is far more than who we think
we are.

“To practice rememberence," you've said,
"is to unveil the knowledge and power
and beauty of this spark of God within us."

Robert Frager/Sheikh Ragip
psychologist and Sufi Master
in conversation with Jonathan Cott
On the Sea of Memory:
A Journey from Forgetting to Remembering

Copyright © Lynn Walker  2017
Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

Monday, December 25, 2017


Me:  Father, I'm going out.

"Where are you going?"

Me:  I'm not sure.

"When will you be back?"

Me:  Not sure of that either...I just need to get out.

"Ok.  I love you."

Me:  I love you too!  Maybe I'll stop by that new place you know, the one called Gaia.  I want to see what it looks like.

"My Child, it looks like every other place I've created...nothing new, nothing different, Love, energy, more Love...the same recipe!

Me:  Then why do you keep doing it?

"What do you mean?"

Me:  Why do you keep doing the same thing over and over?

"Because I Create!  That is what I do... I'm the Creator."

Me:  But don't you get tired of doing the same exact thing everyday?


Me:  Why not?  I mean what's the point of it all?

"The point is not what I Create, but what YOU make of it!!"

A Simple Christmas

A Simple Christmas

This has been a simple Christmas; yet in its simplicity, it has offered a depth of revelation, beauty, introspection and Love.

I struggled with Christmas for years.  The holidays always promised more than I ever felt they delivered.   Always, there was a sinking sensation that followed December 25th...Is that all there is?

For this season, I began early.  I resided in the knowledge that a Christmas Miracle was on its way!  There was no thought of what the miracle would be, but a true conviction that I would recognize it immediately and it would be exactly what I needed.

Additionally, I focused my actions on giving kindness to others - never believing that I had the key to what would bring them happiness, but instead asking what was wanted and then giving it with no strings attached.

Simple, direct, perfect.

My miracle arrived as an the sun bursting through a bank of clouds!  I recognized it immediately and now know that I am forever changed by this clarity and understanding.

Gifts to those who answered my queries were given in Pure Love and received with a swell of gratitude that overwhelmed and hugged me tightly!  This reaction forced me to question whether I had given or received - no doubt, probably both!

So as another December 25th fades away, I cherish simplicity of mind, body and spirit as a perfect approach to the Miracles of Christmas!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Thanks and Giving

We come to another Thanksgiving where people hustle, shop, cook and plan to execute a "holiday" - perhaps not truly aware of what they are celebrating.  Thankfulness, gratitude, family, health, etc.

Over the last few years, I have had to face the loss of all my immediate family in addition to enduring great stress over my own health;  lastly, I am asking serious questions about who I am and how I became this "who" or "am".

I reflect on Facebook and why I joined it.  At first I was fascinated by being able to catch up with friends from grade school, high school and college; but as time went by, I began to form new friendships with people who were essentially strangers, but of like minds.

Perhaps I am most grateful for these new friends!  No, that is not right.  I am just thankful.

As I have wandered about social media, I have come to experience less and less of myself and my uniqueness in the world.  My borders have faded, become fuzzy and I feel myself melting into all of you, no longer an individual, but more so a part of the whole.

I take great care to post only those items that others will appreciate and find powerful, uplifting or comforting...I am exhilarated when I find a video or photo or article which I know suits another friend perfectly - they will know they matter, also as part of a greater whole.

So, as these holidays approach and I shed grateful and loving tears for the family who is gone, I also smile at my new perspective-being part of All That Is and no longer separated by a need to be different, contrary or even outstanding!

I am One with All and for today, that is a very thankful place to be.

Monday, October 30, 2017


I am so thankful to say, my commitment to healing and spiritual growth continues as miracles keep coming!

My doctor's appointment went great and I realize just how much I have released fear, judgement and lack of forgiveness.  Because of this and replacing that space with Pure
Love and gratitude, my body has become healthy and strong again!

I am working out like I used to and truly enjoying it!  I eat right, drink water and feel blessed every day.

There is always more to do, but I love and embrace this journey!  My hope is that each and every person I come across is able to feel this for themselves.

I Am.