Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Expansion Through Pain

Last night I experienced a great deal of pain from a condition from which I have suffered for years.  Recently, I have been relatively pain free so I was not expecting this surge.

My first reaction was, like most of us, to tighten up giving acknowledgement to the pain; however, in that moment of giving in, I remembered my teaching.  Instead of constricting, I relaxed and set my awareness on God and our eternal knowing of expansion!

By expanding and knowing myself NOT as a body in pain, but as an Essence of Pure Consciousness, I was able to pass through the pain and leave it!

I Am that I Am.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

What If?

What if we got it all wrong?  

What if creation was NEVER about survival of the fittest or about the FALL of man and woman?

Maybe all the dissension and struggle is only a human concept made into reality and kept there by generations and generations simply passing these beliefs down to the next group?

What if life is NOT a struggle to compete or control, but is instead moments, not dictated by time or space, but filled with indescribable joy, laughter, light, music, dance, beauty and most of all LOVE?

What if all it took to see life in this other way was just the simple act of belief?  The knowing that life is, in itself, a miracle of true abundance, perfect health and ultimate harmony?

Perhaps The Kingdom of Heaven IS within and has been there all along!

I Need Do Nothing

Lately I have been frustrated with a situation where others are failing to see MY desired outcome.  With their ineptitude, they have treated me unfairly and arrived at incredibly ridiculous conclusions!  My mind has been overwhelmed with this chatter.

I was working through my umpteenth revision of said problem when in a flash, there was stillness and I began to feel the presence of God.  I knew, in the moment, God was gazing at me hoping I would notice!

When I did pay attention, I felt this question from God:  "Why my beloved child are you so taken with convincing others when you only need trust in me?"

Within an instant, my frustration and obsession lifted - carried off where all ego based thoughts and actions go.  My entire being was filled with knowing that I need do nothing, but open myself to guidance from Creator!

Not Running

When I began seeking spiritual answers, I did so because my life seemed incredibly painful and in the depths of my soul, I knew there had to be a better way...Essentially, though I believe I was running from my pain.

Today, I have cone full circle in that I know I can experience grief, anger, pain with the understanding that these emotions are not in themselves bad, but instead are an indication that I am alive and able to feel everything without judgment assigned.

All emotions are an invitation to know oneself as the Essential Self - alive!  I find the Heart of Myself in these moments.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Non resistance

"Enlightenment could be defined as the absence of resistance to what is, the total intimacy with whatever is taking place without any desire to reject or replace it; so intimate that there is no room for a self to separate itself out from the whole."
     ~Rupert Spira

Yesterday, this Lesson came to me in no uncertain terms!

I learned as a child to behave in certain ways to assure an outcome which felt safe to me.  

As an adult who desires to be more spontaneous and recognizes that no outcome is always assured, this behavior no longer serves me - even the thoughts behind the action require understanding, forgiveness and release.

I have learned to replace control with faith....a faith in a greater intelligence that desires the absolute best for me.  In this process, I am free to see and acknowledge that often the journey is more telling than the destination.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


"At the head of all understanding – is realizing what is and what cannot be, and the consoling of what is not in our power to change.”

Solomon ibn Gabirol

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Changing My World

Here is why I do not engage in politics:

Pointing my finger outwards towards people, places and things will NEVER fundamentally change my reality or the reality of the players in my world.

Only looking within, forgiving everyone and everything until I am only that which is infinitely pure and whole can truly alter the "outside" world because at that moment, my perspective will now be in line with Source.

Anything less than this is a half measure and unacceptable.

- After writing the above, someone commented that I should not diminish the strides political activism has response:

I wrote something, but erased it because it didn't really capture my point.  There is nothing to my world except my perception of it.  (Same with you...everything and everyone in your world is based on your perception.).

If I align my vision only with Absolute Pure Infinite Love (Creator/Source/God/Consciousness) then my perspective radically shifts to one which no longer sees imperfection at all.

At this point, in my world, there is no longer a need for politics, judgment, anger, fear...etc., because anything not in line with my above defined vision cannot exist.

Simple - yes!  Easy - no.  But I will continue this path until I achieve this state of being.

- Someone questioned how I could just ignore getting punched in the face.  My response was this:

What I do say, and I was clear this is for MY path, that I can only make significant changes in MY world by changing how I perceive the world completely!  This is a working process, a rigorous, but exciting journey...not just pie in the sky hoping that I just won't get punched in the face by smiling at everyone!

No...this is questioning EVERYTHING I have been taught by people and experiences outside of myself...finding a different way of seeing, perceiving and eventually experiencing these things then using forgiveness to the ultimate degree to move away from ALL fear, anger, judgment, etc.

As I do this, my challenge is to become Absolute Pure Infinite Awareness (Love or Beauty) which by definition has NO opposites.  At this moment of transition, everything is unified into perfection.