Friday, April 17, 2015

Living Deeply, Fully and Fearlessly

I am learning to live fully!  To embrace the ancient and awesome wonder of this Universe and all of us who have existed for eons upon eons!

I continue to hear, "Look deeper."  

I am not always sure how to look deeper, but I find that if I become still and relaxed, then I am treated to a blissful knowing, by means of a vision, that gold and silver filaments seem to weave in and out connecting everything and everyone in a beautiful web of love, energy and power.

As I continue to awaken each morning knowing I have no past, but only the moment of now, I am celebrating in a way I never imagined possible!  

As I breathe, I breathe with everyone.  As I cry, I cry with everyone.  As I heal, I heal with everyone.  As I laugh, I laugh with everyone.  As I love, I love with everyone and everything across and through the span of time and space - I expect nothing, I demand nothing.  I can only give and receive as if love is my breath, inhaling and exhaling without conscious control.

This is life, experienced deeply, fully and fearlessly!

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