Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Let me first say I do not believe God to be what has been defined by the various religions of our world. God, in my mind, has always been an infinite and eternal source of perfect love and light. It never made sense to me that an all perfect Creator could make man/woman, supposedly made in God's image, so imperfect. This does not fit. Anything eternal, and all perfect could only create the same; therefore, man/woman was created in the same perfection as God. The imperfection is a human construct. Sin is a human invention. But again, how could these even exist if human are created to be all perfect? I found these answers in A Course in Miracles. This Course put together what I knew to be true of science and combined it with what I knew to be true of God. It also explained what I knew to be false about organized religion. I urge each of you to find your own path to experiencing everyday miracles as I now experience. Just remember, anything that is absolutely perfect cannot be destroyed and is not real or God made. Work from the inside out until you know the Truth.

An Inside Job

You cannot find Truth from the outside in. You must be willing to remove all the blocks you have to love through forgiveness....this is an inside job. No amount of focus on that which is human can lead you to God's Truth. The ego will fight you every inch of the way. You must be willing to give up what you believe, with your human mind, in order for belief to be replaced by what you Know....what you Know comes directly from God through Holy Spirit.

God, Angels and Miracles

Sometime ago I was riding my bike to Griffith Park for one loop around the whole park, then home. I approached an intersection where I had a full green, but I was cautious nonetheless. As I began to cross, I saw a car speed out from a gasoline station/mini market. I knew immediately and intuitively that they were aiming for me to run me down! I prayed, knowing I was about to die. I said "God, please don't let it hurt." At that moment I felt one Angel take my right shoulder and one Angel take my left...they softly placed me down on the pavement and cushioned my head as I hit! I looked up and saw the two me lean out of the window, laugh at me and take off! Four cars followed them thinking they had killed me. The policeman would not go after them claiming he had to wait for the detectives!! Their car was stolen and they were gone...apparently the gas station refused to sell them beer as they were already drunk so they took their anger out on me. I had one tiny puncture on my leg!! The bike and helmet were mangled! Years later, in rush hour traffic on the 101 freeway heading east bound, I was cut off and oversteered causing my car to spin around facing an oncoming truck! I had no control of the car and again surrendered myself over to God's will, even taking my hands off the wheel! My car came to rest on the shoulder of the freeway, still facing backward into oncoming traffic, but I had not hit anything!! The power of God, prayer and surrender is beyond our grasp!! I have never feared death since.

Terminally Unique Ego

Our human egos want us to believe we are "terminally unique" - that our story is so very different and so much more painful than anyone could possibly know. On top of that, it is terribly important for everyone else to understand just how much we have had to endure because somehow in their acknowledgment of our pain, we may be healed!! For many years, my ego and I held people hostage with this thinking. When I gave, I gave with a silent agreement that I would receive something in return, especially if I was experiencing hard times. Of course, I never knew how to ask for what I needed, but I expected others to know and give it freely. And I certainly did not know how to listen for God's voice or for the answers to my prayers! Just thinking about what I wanted should be enough! Clearly these methods never worked and I was permanently disappointed and believed I was meant to be punished. Little did I realize that I was my very own judge, jury and executioner! I was yours as well. Today, I have peace, miracles and joy when I allow myself to be as God created me - in his/her image of infinite love, light and perfection! Release your egos...cast them out into the nothingness from where they came! Do this with unconditional forgiveness and allow yourself to live in The Kingdom of Heaven NOW. I promise you, there is nothing like it!!❤️

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The "Big Bang"?

Lately I have been having flashes of visions that I know to be from Holy Spirit... Last night the Big Bang was mentioned and as I paused to think for a moment about this idea I saw and explosion of light into stars and heard this raucous deep laughter! Wondering what in the world, Holy Spirit whispered that what we call the Big Bang was our perfect eternal Creator enjoying the Creation!

The Ego

The ego is a tricky creature. It will charm us into believing it is giving us gifts of desire and motivation, all the while reinforcing our illusion of separation from each other and God. Don't be fooled into listening to ego...the only truth is in listening to the loving, gentle guidance of Holy Spirit. In love and light.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gratitude for Guidance

As I continue my own healing, I have realized that any sort of obsessively "healthy" or self destructive behavior is only reinforcing the illusion that we ARE our bodies!

I owe this part of my healing to A Course in Miracles.  I am forgiving myself and as I do, I hear the loving guidance whispered to me by Holy Spirit nudging me gently towards Atonement!

The light that emanates from within me now is as bright as the first breakthrough of sunlight after storms have washed through...