Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Most Precious Christmas Gift of All

As many of you know, my father suffered a massive stroke in August of 2011.  Despite the pain and difficulty of all this, we have both been blessed with realizing that this is a journey we are both undertaking for the better. 

My father has always been extraordinary and although he is quite different from who he was prior to August 18, 2011, he is by far still the most extraordinary man that I have ever known.

As a child, I was always somewhat disappointed by Christmas.  I never understood gift giving and receiving as the entire point...I far loved giving  more than receiving, but all in all, I was sad when the holiday was over because I felt that everyone, including me,  had missed the point of the day. 

This Christmas has been frought will flu, nursing homes, financial stress and overall emotional hardship as I do not have my dad home just yet.  My hope was that he would spend Christmas at home, but that has not happened despite my intentions...I am learning to surrender yet again and it is hard.

But...and this is one big huge moment in the craziness of it all...last week, I received a Christmas card - from my dad!  He had signed it in the nursing home, "With love, Dad."  I nearly broke in two...this is by far my favorite card that I have ever received in all my fifty years!  I am so grateful that he is still here and was able to sign that card even if he never remembers doing it!  

Finally, I understand Christmas and all its meaning ...it is not in the glitter and lights.  It is not under the tree.  It is not in all the food and the pounds gained.  It is in family and love - shared love that transcends all the pain of an entire lifetime.  It is in gratitude for being able to love to this depth.  And most of all, it is in knowing that we all are Holy Children of a most Loving Creator. 

Blessings to all of you this Holiday Season.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Did God Let This Happen?

I often hear people ask during times of tragedy: “Why did God let this happen?” or “If there is a God, why would he let bad things happen?”

The truth is this: God did not let anything bad happen because God created a beautiful, perfect and infinitely loving existence for all of us. God created a universe and world that gives us everything we need in abundance and without pain, injury or illness.

Man, in his/her infinite wisdom, has separated him/herself from God and therefore can only see a world with imperfection, tragedy, illness and death…these are all MAN PERCEIVED, not God Made!

Ask yourself each morning, when you are given another chance at renewal, to see the world as God has made it and not as man has perceived it. It may take some time until you truly see the work of God, but I guarantee you that eventually, you will see a world that is far different from the one you used to believe in.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Love is the Answer

Some of you know that I was forced to give up my beautiful kitty of 11 years as I looked for housing. With the heatwave and all that was happening, I felt that she needed to be somewhere she could be better cared for. Just last Friday, she was adopted and I was heartbroken as I always thought I would get her back. Amidst my tears, I prayed to understand why I was in this painful situation...the answer came right away - I was to share my beloved Cashew with others who needed to experience the unconditional and divine love that only an animal can bring! My heart is healing knowing this.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope (Prophecies)

The Rainbow Dream Vision of Hope

Intertribal Medicine Societies of Turtle Island

The Twenty Count: 1993-2012

Make copies of the Rainbow prophecy, and give or send them to people
anywhere on the planet. Then let them be guided by their hearts to do
the same until all planetary citizens are brought to life in the
Rainbow dream, so that we may dream and work together for true peace.

Love, Thunder Woman

Introduction by Aleran

Throughout the ages humanity has sought out the prophecies of the

spiritually gifted to instil a clear hope and vision into life. During

this time many prophecies come to us trying to lead us in many

different directions.

Some prophecy points to disaster, hopelessness and the annihilation

of mankind. But other prophecies create a vision of joyful

transformation through quantum leaps into love and light.

As things stand now, the human race is dreaming a hell.

But as individuals and as a collective humanity it is our potential

to dream of paradise and to create the kingdom of heaven on our Mother


Could it be that the pain in our hearts caused by the hell we have

created will spur us on into visions and creations of a world formed

in love?

It is my prayer and dream, along with a multitude of others who

have taught me to dream the Rainbow dream, that each and every one of

you learn to dream both while awake and sleeping, the dream of unity

and love through divine transformation.

This prophecy is a dream and vision that is a potential reality for

mankind. It is not an ultimatum. But it is ours to behold and to

create if we only dare to dream it together.

The Rainbow Dream Vision of Turtle Island

Prophecies of The Native Americans


The distribution and giving back to humanity of the Twenty Count.

In the Turtle Island lore we say it is the time of finding one's path

with heart.

The time of seeking perfection, growth and development.

Most importantly the time of trust and innocence, when mythologies of

the world are revealing secrets.


The critical time. The time of the animal. The time of Tuwalananie,

the dark force.

The reason for this is that seeds of light have been planted and we

are starting to grow and the teachings are starting to come out and

all those ones who have taught partial truths, who have taught

deliberate lies in history, are going to be threatened by the

awakening of the Rainbow people because the Rainbow people exist in

every country, in every nation, in every land.

The Dark Forces will be threatened and they will use their power and

their power exists in technology. We are going to see new technology

appearing which will be a tremendous threat to the survival of humanity.

We must exert our influence by gathering together and sharing our

ideas and plans for alternative power and for world peace. If we put a

double amount of energy with what we are for, we can change it. We can

change it.


The time of human to human communication.

The time the human family finally starts to become human.

There will be more information brought out into open format than has

ever been seen on this planet.

We will re-establish contact in a very knowledgeable way with our

ancestors from the stars.

So mark that down because it will happen. The first contact will be

with the Pleiades and will be totally acknowledged and will be known

to all the world powers. The second contact will be with Sirius.


When truth seekers begin to open the veil of the crack between the

worlds, we will see our memory circles.

Many of the leaders who are trying to keep us locked in the past, will

not function today, will fall.

Many teachers and wise people will be seen for who they are and they

will be the farmers, the labourers and the gas station attendants

because the tagashala will be fully awakened.

People will begin to link up with other people in gathering together


Many of these will be the so-called 'common people' and not the

teachers you see up there now.

The various winged serpent wheels will begin to turn, to dance once

again and when they do the rainbow lights will be seen in dreams all

over the world and these rainbow light dreams will help awaken the

rest of humanity.

We will sit in a new circle of law.

All civil and social laws will have to be in conformity with natural

laws or the people will not accept them and they will have the

enlightenment necessary to reject those laws.

Science will once again become metaphysics. They will discover four

laws that will help them jump to universal law and transcend the

time-space continuum which is the limitation of the age and once again

we will begin to take our power and to work with rules and laws that

are cosmic laws.


We will once again see the way to continue a new dream.

We will be given the road map back to the stars and we will see the

star people come out of the illusion of their two-legged form and into

their actual great sleeper-dreamer form.

A powerful time approaches humanity and its really hard for me to talk

about it.

I am a great dreamer but I don't know if I dream that large.

We will see a real shift in planetary consciousness.

Many of the enemies of the humans will begin to drop away.

We will totally gain the light of the great light wheel.

There will be one humanity, one planet composed of all the different

ways of dancing in complete harmony in the great gathering together


All the seeds will be planted.

The Earth will have its true reality formed.

It will join the sisterhood of planets, the daughters of Copperwoman

and it will create within itself all forms of all things in harmony

with the everything.

We will see a whole new way of perfection.

There will be plants on this grandmother earth that will give life and

sustenance as never before seen.

Starvation on the earth, all those things will be gone. There will be

total balance and harmony.


The new race of humans will begin to design their new reality of life

on this planet as they intended it to be when they first came here

from the stars.

We will begin to establish this planet and use the collective

consciousness to hold the power of this space in harmony with the

Great Circle of Twelve and all the planets. There is a whole lot I

don't even know. There is more that I am not supposed to talk about yet.

The dream will be actualised and this planet will hold its space in

the great council of planets and become a part of the universal

enlightened sisterhood and brotherhood of humanity and keepers of the

light circles. It's happened on many planets and it's expected to

happen on a lot of other planets.

There will be a moment when the population will be 'the' Population,

and something great will happen.

This planet will have its design of energy movement guided by all of

humanity living here.

The Great Spirit will leave its seed and the egg of everything here on

this planet and it will create itself 20 times over at the speed of

light and this prophecy ends as I have been given it by the

Grandmothers that I share with you now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

What is it like for you, my extra sensitive travellers?

I am writing this for all my fellow travellers - those who suffer in pain or from illness and those who are just trying to navigate a world that can be hard to understand.  I am one who has experienced both - the pain and illness as well as the horrible confusion caused by being in a world I just don't always understand.  Most of the people who find me experience these same things so you are never alone.

Recently, I saw The Green Mile once again. The movie took my breath away, but not for the reasons you might think.  For the first time in my life, someone had written what it is like for me to live in my body, with my gifts and sensitivities.  I felt such relief because I have been diagnosed with depression and so many other things that label me as "less than".  I suspect many of you reading this have been through this as well.  You are NEVER "less than".

Here is the speech at the end of the movie when John Coffey (wrongly accused of raping and murdering two young girls) is about to walk "the green mile" to the electric chair and he explains to Paul (the head guard) why he wishes to go through with the execution:

Paul: On the day of my judgement, when I stand before God, and He asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles, what am I gonna say? That is was my job? My job?

Coffey: You tell God the Father it was a kindness you done. I know you hurtin' and worryin', I can feel it on you, but you oughta quit on it now. Because I want it over and done. I do. I'm tired, boss. Tired of bein' on the road, lonely as a sparrow in the rain. Tired of not ever having me a buddy to be with, or tell me where we's coming from or going to, or why. Mostly I'm tired of people being ugly to each other. I'm tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There's too much of it. It's like pieces of glass in my head all the time. Can you understand?

Paul: Yes, John. I think I can.

The Green Mile

written by Frank Darabont, from the novel by Stephen King

Each time I hear this, I want to cry - tears of joy that someone else "gets it" and tears of pain because it is like glass in my head all the time and so many don't get it.

So let's focus on one part of that speech that is truly powerful and may be overlooked:  "...and he asks me why did I kill one of his true miracles..."  My fellow seekers, that is what we have to remember - we are ALL true miracles of the Creator, whether you believe the Creator is a God or an intelligent energy and force that brings this amazing Universe into existence.  Never forget this no matter how hard it gets and it can get pretty hard for those of us who are so sensitive.

It is my belief that we are all part of God/Creator/Force so therefore we have no true reason to suffer - after all, would God punish him/herself on purpose?  I try to remember this when I am deep, deep down in the muck and open my eyes to the fact that I must change my perspective if I am to survive the muck.  In other words, I try to ask for guidance and to understand why this particularly hard time is part of my life. To date, I have always received THE answer!  Not always an answer I wanted or expected, but THE answer.

More than ever, as the world is approaching a huge shift predicted by the Mayans, the Native Americans and many other ancient civilizations, we sensitive souls are needed here on Earth.  Dig in and hold on - but always remember as one of God's true miracles you are here for a purpose and here at this particular time because you have proven yourself to be courageous in the face of incredible pain.

I am so honored to know many of you and to have worked with many of you...you give me strength at the times when I need it most.  I thank you and I reach out my hand to each and every one of you - take it and then link hands with someone else.  Together, we can and will see through the fog to realize we are amidst a paradise that is beyond belief.  Namaste.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Which Way is Your Journey?

Recently, I have been having a tough go of it.  And in the midst of this tough go, I met someone who was having a tougher go.  As she and I have been creating a friendship, a working relationship and more, we both realized something HUGE today!  We (all of us) never move backwards or more importantly, we never stop growing and learning!

Think about that, especially when you are stuck and feel stuck and even more stuck....you cannot stop or go backwards!  The Universe will not  permit it and the greater force (Creator/Source/God) has set it up so that the Universe is expanding and not retracting - therefore, it too cannot stop or turn around and go back.

This is a beautiful process....a remarkable journey that we are all on and as such, we continue moving through that journey, learning, growing and in our human words, we call that "forward". 

However, it is also a human construct to want to believe that backwards does exist.  In fact, we have even installed cameras in cars so that we can look forward but go backwards at the same time!  Again, totally impossible but our egos tell us we can and must, so that is what we do...all along, these egos prevent us from surrendering to the bigger lesson - that we are here in this dense Earth dimension to learn, to grow, to love and to surrender.

Once we have done this and learned the lessons for this lifetime, we are then moving onto a new process; unfortunately, we have labelled this "death" and considered it for too long an ending.  It is NOT an ending, but rather a shift to a new beginning in another form, which is why there is nothing to fear; yet, again as humans we figure out all kinds of ways to prolong life, even unnaturally - desperately fighting against the unknown with little or no faith that something greater than us put an amazing process into being and all we have to do is enjoy the ride!

So, when you have a bad time...when life is hard and seems to be getting harder, you have not failed.  You are not stuck - you are still learning and growing no matter what.  Allow yourself to relax and realize this from your new perspective...that you are moving in the direction you are meant to.  In doing so, in allowing, you become teachable again and that is all that matters.

Stay open, keep the faith and let yourself remain teachable...go with the flow and you cannot go wrong.

Namaste, fellow travellers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Choosing a healer, spiritual counselor or alternative practitioner

I have heard from others on more than one occasion about how much money they have spent on charlatans and other con artists proclaiming to be healers or miracle workers!   When I was ill and trying to find someone to help me, I also ran up against this issue as well as being told that I would have to empty my bank account to find anyone who would work with me on a regular basis.  So, how does one find a healer or practitioner when one is sick, or in pain and desperate?

First of all, try to do your homework when you are not in the peak of pain or desperation.  I firmly believe that some of the people out there, who are doing this work to satisfy their own egos or wallets, can sense a person who is in trouble;  they will take advantage of this state, so try to call when you are feeling your strongest.  Another suggestion is to have your spouse, partner or friend on the phone with you to monitor the call and/or ask questions for clarification. (Make sure you tell the practitioner that you have someone on the line with you - don't try to engage in trickery yourself as it is not worth it in the long run.)

Make a list of questions and concerns ahead of time, then follow your outline. If you prepare yourself before your phone call, you will feel more in charge and capable.  This will also be "picked up" by the practitioner and your results will likely be more truthful.  Additionally, once the first call is coming to a close, tell the practitioner that you are going to take some time to think the conversation over and allow it to sink in.  Let them know that if you have further questions, you will call them back.  Gauge their reaction to this.  An honest practitioner, who is truly in the business of helping others, will encourage you to take this step and really be certain you are ready to do the work; someone who is just after your money or adulation may pressure you to commit right away.  Now, don't confuse that with someone who may indicate that he/she is really busy and has a tough schedule; there is a clear difference when someone is trying to work you into the schedule vs. someone who is pressuring you to "sign up" or become part of the flock!

Obviously word of mouth referral is one of your safest and best bets; however, remember that just because your best friend got wonderful results with someone, you may not resonate with that person as highly.  When you meet the practitioner in person or on the phone, pay attention to your "gut".  Feel whether or not the fit is right.  Do you feel comfortable with this person?  Do you feel that you will be honest and dedicated to the process? 

Most importantly, be sure and ask what the process is!! Know what type of work you are getting into - is it talking with someone or will they be putting hands on you?  Do they channel?  Do they use tarot cards or other methods of reading you?  Are you comfortable with what they do?  If you are not comfortable or you have any fears, bring these up immediately and ask for clarification or assurance.  Anyone who is worth their salt will tell you why they use a process or why they don't and if there are any precautions that you should take or be aware of.  If your fears or concerns are dismissed, then RUN!  Find someone who will respect and value you from the initial meeting.  Do not feel you have to please your practitioner - that is not your job nor should you be made to feel that it is.

There are some thoughts about people who charge for healing or spiritual work.  One side feels that this type of help should never be mixed with money, but others are OK with a fee being charged.  When I work, I charge for my time and not for my gifts as they are just that "gifts".  Additionally, I work with a sliding scale that sometimes slides right off the chart!  I am here to help others because I was given the gift of healing. I am not here to pad my wallet.  That being said, I do need to eat and keep a roof over my head as well, but I will always do my best to accommodate someone who really wants help and wants to change his/her life.  Talk with your practitioner about all of this and again, use your "gut"; make certain that if you are paying for help, healing or transformation, you can focus on the work at hand and not on the payment!

I am also sensitive to this issue of money because I was ill for many years and could not find anyone who would help me without charging full fare.  This prevented me from finding the help I required.  In the long run, this was a blessing, because it forced me to find the answers within myself and that was exactly what I needed! 

Many of us need a little guidance or direction and that should be available without having to sacrifice the first born child!  Anyone you speak to should be somewhat sensitive to this and if not, then ask why.  There is no harm in understanding their reasoning for not wanting to make a trade or offer a discount.  As long  as you ask with an open mind and a respectful tone, you should receive an honest and respectful answer.

While these hints can help you can find an alternative practitioner, you must first be ready to do the work and make the commitment to getting well or making changes.  If you are not ready, then wait.  Most importantly, if you are hoping that someone else is going to "FIX" you, then you are not ready.  There is no one that I know who is powerful enough to fully heal or fix anyone without that person doing some of the work him or herself.  If someone says they are that powerful, then again, I would say RUN! 

Much of our journey in life is to take on challenges and find the answers from within.  A healer or therapist can assist you with this, but the bottom line is that the work is yours to do.  I have never heard of any magic than can instantaneously fix or heal someone without their participating somehow.  Once you are ready and willing, I can promise you that this process of healing or changing will be something amazing and beautiful.

So, put your comfortable walking shoes on and get ready for a wonderful journey!