Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Can't We Believe We Are God's Treasures?

This is a common problem for so many of us: Why can we easily grant ourselves permission to be fearful, sad, or undeserving; yet, we find it so difficult to acknowledge just how phenomenal we are? We struggle to accept that we are truly amazing, infinite, powerful beings created in love but often readily accept that we are most of the time, not deserving and less than. Why?

The root of the problem begins in our minds from the day we are seen by the world as a separate being. We are told "no", "don't", "stop"....all these lead us to accept that we can't or shouldn't.

Our minds are the most powerful part of how we create, perceive, and experience reality; however, 95% of our thoughts today are exactly the same thoughts we had yesterday and the day before and so on and so get the picture and it is framed in negativity.

For us to make radical changes in our lives and how we experience our present, we MUST change our thoughts! Our behavior will never change for good if we keep the same thoughts that created the behavior in the first place.

So, how do we change our thoughts? First we must become aware of them. Then we must identify which thoughts serve our greater good and which ones do not. We eliminate through practice those thoughts that reinforce negativity in our being. We replace them with new, more powerful thoughts based in love and acceptance. In doing this, we shift our energy because energy follows intent...but not just intent alone. Energy follows intent that is powered with strong emotion (now you know why most people always get what they don't want! Their intention toward the negative is powered with fear, anger, and lack of forgiveness. We practice this from day one!)

Their are some basic programs out there that teach us how to practice this shift: take away the aspect of addiction and The Twelve Steps are magical for anyone wanting to shift their experience. "A Course In Miracles" offers a workbook with 365 exercises ( one per day ) that can also help you shift.

Bottom line, it takes work....but the payoff is well worth it!!!

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