Friday, October 25, 2013

How To Find A Healer/Spiritual Counselor

I am watching a 20/20 about a self help "guru" who was charged with homicide after conducting a vision quest and sweat lodge in Arizona. The participants who paid $10,000 for this experience were left alone in the dessert for 36 hours with no food, no water and no shelter! This was the vision quest...after this, participants were to endure a sweat lodge without any true supervision or understanding of the Native American beliefs and practices that are a true swart lodge experience. Some people died and others seriously injured.

As someone who works with others on spiritual journeys and healing, I say, use common sense! Talk with anyone who calls themselves a guru...ask questions as you would ask of a doctor or lawyer you were thinking of hiring. Make sure to do your homework and you feel that this person has integrity to be helping you on a journey that is truly intimate. Be comfortable with them and if you aren't, say so. Anyone worth their salt will take this as good and helpful information - they will not respond with ego.

Our spirits are precious and must be treated with love, care and protections they are not to be handed over to someone ever. Remember, YOU and God do the work...your healer or guide is just that - a guide, nothing more.

The journey to spirit is not easy but is should be undertaken with awe as well as caution. Move at your own pace and get ready for some truly amazing experiences!!

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