Friday, October 25, 2013

Caught in My Grief

Today I received an invitation to a memorial service for all of us associated with the same hospice who assisted in caring for our loved ones before their passing. Upon reading the invite, I burst into tears thinking about my dad and my mom and how much I miss both of them. This caught me by surprise as I truly thought I was past the deep grief I had felt when my father first passed away ( my mom died in 1991 so I really thought I was healed from that )....

After a few minutes, I felt my divine connection with Spirit, God and my family. I realized that my mom, my dad and all those we love are NOT their bodies. They are, instead, infinite, loving spirits who will exist forever as one with me. I am never alone when I remember this.

My grief is for the human side of me that forgets we are more than our bodies. I remind myself to live in the present and always, always see life through love, not fear. From this perspective, all is as it is and should be.

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