Friday, October 25, 2013

Reality...just what is it?

We, or more specifically scientists, are finding that what we have long thought was reality is instead simply our unique perception of reality; therefore, what we believe we see as reality is truly the magic of how our senses transmit electrical impulses through our brains so that these powerful computers can make sense of the stimuli. Much of what we believe to be real is from what others have told us and how our brain uses stored information to fill in gaps when necessary. Consequently reality may be more subjective than first thought.

Here is something to ponder then: what if the first humans only perceived that there were things to be feared in their relatively unknown world? What if there was never a lack of resources that required fighting over? What if there was always enough territory for plants, animals and all humans so nothing required domination?

How different would the world be today IF we perceived everything through the hearts and minds of unconditional love rather than abject fear? I believe we could wipe out poverty, war and disease immediately with this shift from fear to love

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