Friday, May 31, 2013


I have been trying like crazy to think of what I can write about after these last two crazy years...finally, it hit me and it is a subject about which I am passionate - FEAR!!!

When my dad had his stroke in August of 2011, I immediately reverted back to my old, fearful and controlling self.  I was determined to force the process of his recovery and in doing so, I not only made myself miserable, but I made everyone around me just as crazy.  I was absolutely surrounded by and operating from a place of deep fear.  

Obviously, this was understandable given the circumstances; however, by approaching the entire journey from fear, I was unable to receive or even know how to ask for the divine help and intervention that both my father and I needed.  My vibration was far to low.

Fear is a very stagnating place...when we are in fear, we vibrate at a very, very low energy.  Consequently, we cannot solve any problems which require a higher vibration for solution. Science (specifically quantum theory) has proven that we are not solid, but instead total energy which vibrates at changing levels.  Additionally, this same science has revealed that we cannot solve a problem from an energy lower or equal to the energy of that specific problem - we MUST seek a higher level of vibration in order to find the solution. 

Have you ever noticed that when you concentrate on a problem and stay in that problem, you end up only circling the problem, but rarely finding a solution to it?  However, when you get out of your own way and do something that raises your vibration and emotional state, you suddenly are "given" the solution to the is as if by magic that you receive the answer!

Recently, I have been having a terrible time sleeping through the night.  During my dad's illness, I became used to staying awake when he was awake and many times this would be throughout the night.  Over months, I began to change my rhythms and I established a pattern of sleeping only one or two hours here and there.  After dad died, this pattern has remained.  Everyone I know has had a big reaction to this and many have tried to convince me that I need medication for sleep.  I am not the kind of person who can safely use any medication even for a short while.  

Mainly, I could sense everyone's agitation over my not sleeping and I believe this agitation came about out of their own fears of becoming an insomniac as well!!  The point is, I had faith that I would find the answer to my sleeplessness as long as I asked for the answer and then allowed the answer to come.  I kept asking and asking but no solution.  This was very frustrating for me because I was convinced the answer was there but I could not see it.

Then the other day I was reading about Transcendental Meditation and I just knew that deep, deep down TM was a technique I needed to learn.  Although I have meditated for many years, I have never learned this method.  As soon as I became focused on my reading, I noticed a shift in my vibration.  I was raising my vibration significantly as I read and resonated with the technique of TM.  

I reached a place in my reading where the author stated that two sessions a day of TM was equivalent to getting an extra two full nights of sleep!!!  Suddenly, the answer I had been looking for found me!  I did not need to sleep more at night, but instead I should acquiesce to the sleeplessness and begin meditating two times a day instead.  This would make up for the lack of sleep! 

Basically, I had raised my vibration significantly and I let the PROBLEM go.  Once I got out of my own way, the answer found me! 

When I look back at my spiritual journey, I can safely say that ALL of my answers and solutions have come in this exact way.  As long as I do not freeze up with muscles clenched in fear, I am able to rise above the problem. This allows the solution to become clear, with virtually no effort on my part.

Overall, we are bombarded with messages of fear throughout our entire day.  It is nearly impossible to go a full day without being subjected to something that tells us we must be afraid and initiate a "fight or flight" response.  Even if we don't watch the news, nowadays almost every show on television demands that we see life as a battle.  

Very rarely do we see anything or hear anything that encourages us to have gratitude and raise our vibrations up to a higher level - after all, fear sells because it is such a powerful emotion.  Unfortunately, fear is also a very weak energy because it is such a low vibration. Very little gets solved when succumb to fear.  Moreover, we are likely to create more problems for ourselves if we approach life from a state of constant fear.

I leave you with this:

What would this world be like if we approached every day from a state of pure bliss and gratitude?  I won't answer this for you, but I hope that you will ponder the question and perhaps try an experiment where you change your own perspective and see how your world changes accordingly.  

Namaste my friends!

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