Sunday, July 5, 2009

Divine Creator & Divine Us

I just read something that hit me in my third eye! It was part of a newsletter by Adrian Cooper of "Our Ultimate Reality" and here it is:

"This brings us to the most important truth of all, a truth which has
been taught by all civilizations throughout the ages - that every
single person, without exception, is an immortal Spiritual being,
a true son or daughter of God.

We have absolutely all the creative power of God, but only to the
extent that we can realise God within. The more we can realise
God within, the more powerful creators we are plain and simple.

So we have to start from the position that we are children of God,
encourage people to assimilate that great truth, and then to
understand the implications - specifically that we are all channels
of expression and experience of God, with the freewill to learn by

What hit me is highlighted in BOLD...I work with clients all the time who have no real idea of what or who God is in their lives. They believe in God, they feel they have a connection with God, but that is as far as it goes. When I ask specifics, they cannot answer me because they have never really defined what God is to them.

And this is where it gets interesting...if we are OF God, ("made in his image") but we don't have a clear idea of what God is, then how do we know who we are and what we are capable of?

When I began my own spiritual journey, one task was to define God in the most specific terms I could come up with. It wasn't enough just to believe or think there was a God somewhere out there. I needed a God that was infinitely powerful and creative; A God that is with me ALL the time; a God that spoke with me and listened to me; a God that counseled me when I asked; a God that surrounded and enveloped me all day long. I also needed a God that healed me when I asked for healing.

Today, I see how important this exercise has been. By creating this amazing, creative and unlimited God in my life, I have acknowledge that I too can be amazing, creative and unlimited in my life. If I had limited my concept of God, I would by definition, limit my concept of me.

So, as you go along on your path, please consider the God or Source that you have in your life. Be clear and specific on what you want from God, so that you too will be as unlimited and resourceful!


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anesthesia/spirituality said...

This is true for me what you speak about as well. I have deepened my perspective though to realize that there is an all encompassing universal spirit of God or Higher power. It is what oneness comes from this universal spirit. When I realized this my life shifted. It wasn't about me (ego) as much as it is all about being one in and out of the world!