Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Out of A Learned Rut

I have an idea...I want to work at different minimum wage jobs and take my spiritual and life coaching work to the jobsite! I want to see if I can help those people who work in these kinds of jobs find a way out.

(It was brought to my attention that there is a book out there called Nickel and Dimed that discusses this issue from a sociological perspective.)

My hope is to offer people in these types of jobs a new belief system: If you change HOW and WHAT you think, you can eventually change your life entirely.

We have taught people in this country through years of repetition that there is simply not enought to go around and that some get most and most get only some. In reality, there is plenty out there to go around and it is only our wrong thinking that keeps us in this rut. Once someone decides that he/she can achieve abundance, that person will achieve it through right thinking and action.

So I am putting it to you...what do you think will be the response? Do you think most people will jump at this opportunity? or do you believe I have my work cut out for me? Have we convinced a class of people in this country that they are stuck forever in a place that will never let them leave? Or will the fear of change overshadow the potential long-term benefits?

My hope is that everyone who has the opportunity to grow and change will take it, but I could be wrong.

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