Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Morphed...Why I Do What I Do

I started this post about my move and then it morphed inside me into a new topic..."Why I do What I do".

As the holidays are now upon us and I realized that I will be exposed to people who have no idea who I am or what I am about, I began to think about my work and why I am so passionate about it.

I think it boils down to fear.  I was raised in fear and still fight a long struggle with that and control.  I think many of us do because we have been told over and over again that we must control our circumstances by having a good job, saving money, preparing for retirement, buying a house and building equity, having health insurance...etc. 

And yet, let's look at society today.  We have more addiction to drugs, alcohol and food than ever before. We are treating young people for obesity and diabetes for crying out loud.  We are scratching our heads at why there has been a Columbine or a 9-11 or any other terrible tragedy.  We are picking up the pieces from an economy built on a stack of cards and greed.  So much for controlling our circumstances!

...there has to be more.  And, guess what?  There is!  There is so much more and so much more happiness, peace, health and joy to be had...but all of this will not be had by fighting for control or running from fear. 

This transformation will come about when we stand still and recognize that there is a force, an intelligence around us and within us that is centered in oneness, love and spirit.  It is that still, small voice within you that tells you of a truth that is so ancient you should not have any knowledge of it but yet, you do...

There will be a time when understanding that "the kingdom of God is within you" means that all of us can be loving, kind people as a of ego, expectation and judgement on a daily basis rather than showing up to a ritual once a week or a few times a year and then forgetting how to love one another once we exit the pew.  We can nod our heads in acknowledgement when we hear that God doesn't care about what is the right religion.   And we will nod our heads because we KNOW that we do not need a religion or a church if we are truly LIVING the life that is intended for us. 

We won't be afraid to say the word "God" because for once, it will represent only what it should...pure and total love of all in perfect creation.

We will heal ourselves and heal this planet because there will no longer be hierarchy ...all will be equal because of the knowledge that everything in existence was created by something so spectacular that it could never be a mistake or taken for granted.  

Can this really happen? can and it can start within each one of us if we are willing to allow our ego to be removed and replaced by a knowledge that we are all one, connected by something precious, powerful living and loving.  That to harm another person or thing means that we harm ourselves and that would be crazy...unthinkable.
So with this vision, I keep doing what I do...helping people to find their way out of pain, dis-ease and fear.  When I see someone make that connection to a new reality - a reality that is promising, hopeful and near then I have accomplished something!  When I see someone who is now free from pain help another person find relief from their own nightmare, that is meaningful.  When I see someone connect to whatever they believe God to be and begin to live in freedom, then I can sleep soundly at night - because I know we are one step closer to a world of love and oneness.   Amen and sweet dreams.

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Anonymous said...

Moving is part of what we do. We are always on the move, changing and morphing! You are so wise. Control is an illusion and fear only holds us back, slows us down. If we follow that Guidance that is the Divine within we can't go wrong. I agree that this journey is all about love and helping others move to that recognition. You do great work. You are following your own guidance without reservation or past conditioning because you know the Truth. Thank you for your love and the work you do. You are a gift and blessing Lynn to all who know you and all who will come to know you. With love,