Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is happening?

In the wake of all the recent tragedies and shootings in the United States, we will once again begin hearing the debate about gun control. Unfortunately, this debate no longer addresses the actual issue in this world and that is this: There is a spiritual disconnect in our society. Not a religious disconnect, although that is probably a residual effect, but there is a spiritual disconnect in that we have begun to believe that our happiness, peace and joy come from outside ourselves. We no longer find contentment or definition from within.

Until we address why we have abandoned any link to our spiritual selves and to source or creator, we will continue to have the kind of fear and anger that results in these kinds of "senseless acts". For the last several months, we cannot escape hearing about recession, job loss and home loss; additionally, we are fed by the media a constant diet of who we should blame for all of this. Again, our focus is outside ourselves...if we are not able to buy our happiness, then we should damn well be able to blame our unhappiness on something other than our own perceptions.

What is the answer? It is time that we look within and remember who we are. We are spiritual beings sharing a human existence or experience. Yet, we have forgotten that we are spiritual beings first and foremost. Once we remember this, we will discover that we have been given all the tools that we need to repair what is wrong.

Additionally, we must remember to look at each other not as separate entities, but as another aspect of ourselves. If we see each other as many parts of a whole, then we stop looking for the differences but focus more on ONENESS. Can you imagine this world and how loving it would be if we recognized that we are all ONE? That to hurt another living being was actually hurting ourselves? This is where we need to be.


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anesthesia/spirituality said...

So for me, this is all a big life challenge dealing with the events in the world. I have learned that when I am not true to myself or others, I have karmic repercussions in my life spiritually and physically that I must evaluate and make right to move forward in a positive manner. I learned I must true in the ONE for a good learning opportunity, not bad luck in life. Now my perception is not clouded by fear, pity and negativity, it even feels good in hard times!