Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Point of Reference

I heard an interview today with an author who had gone to experience the training that all navy seals go this case, it was how to survive in water. The idea was that if you maintain your Point of Reference (POR) when all hell is breaking loose, you will have a much better chance of surviving the hell and coming out alive and in tact!

So...I got to thinking about maintaining your Point of Reference (POR) in life. Many of us probably never think about even having a Point of Reference (POR) in life and that is why we go through our days, weeks, months and years not really knowing where we are or which way we are headed. When time passes as quickly as it does, we are suddenly surprised at where we ended up because we didn't really intend to go there in the first place! I think that is why so many of us suffer from addiction to food, drugs, money, low self-esteem, etc. We don't have a POR to use so that we get from point A to Z in tact and with something to show for it!

What is your POR? do you even know where to start to have a POR? and is this POR a place outside of you or within you that keeps you on track no matter what?

For years, church or religion provided the POR for most people, but if we think about it, church and/or organized religion also makes us focus on something outside of ourselves. The strongest PORs come from within...if we can find our true spiritual connection to what we determine G-d to be or Source is, then we are always linked and centered in a strong Point of Reference.

Because this POR comes from the inside out, it is completely defined by us and our own spiritual path or journey; it is not out there for someone else to judge or take away; it fills up that dark void inside of us that want to always remind us that we are just not good enough.

Keep your POR within you ...take time each day to reconnect to this POR and acknowledge where you are right at that moment...give thanks to your G-d or Source for being and staying connected to something so powerful that you are never alone. And, always wear comfortable walking shoes because this is quite a journey that we are all on!


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Amy said...

Each day I want to be better and because of you and blogs like this I know I can and will. Thank You Lynn. I will visit here more often. I Love You ☆