Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Laws of the Universe & Subsidies

I was thinking about welfare, work comp and all the people I happen to know who find ways to live on subsidies from the government. While all of us can enter an unending debate about this process and why it is right or wrong, I want to offer a little discussed and different perspective on this.

When one takes advantage of a financial program that guarantees a meager monthly stipend without any work being exchanged, that person, perhaps unknowingly, is required to adhere to that program's value of money.

Let me explain.

We all have a relationship to and with money, i.e. what we think about money and how easily or difficult it comes to us. Usually, we learn this from our parents and friends as we grow up. Most often, we don't end up with a very healthy concept of what money is, represents or how to earn and keep it. For example, some of us were taught that "money doesn't grow on trees" or we have to work at a miserable job all our lives just to make a living.

As we get older and more independent, most of us are forced to come to terms with our old ideas about money and evaluate how well these ideas work for us. This exercise can often free us from keeping worn out concepts that would have kept us stuck in a poverty mentality.

However, when we rely on a government agency or institution to give us something on a monthly basis that barely covers rent, food and other expenses, we are forced to adopt THAT agency's concepts about money! Because these programs were created to only replace wages on a short-term basis, the concept associated with such programs is usually ill defined. On a short-term basis, an ill defined concept of money or even a "poverty mentality" may be fairly harmless.

On a long term basis, poverty mentality is destructive. Unemployment, disability and welfare were never constructed to replace long term working wages; as such, the agencies that distribute them do not have a concept of money that correlates with abundance and prosperity!

When you enlist in these programs, you are agreeing to a mentality of LACK. You are acknowledging that for this moment, you are in a state of lack and require assistance. That is precisely WHY these programs are meant to remain short-term. Otherwise, you can spend your entire life in a state of LACK or poverty mentality.

Unfortunately today, more and more people are relying on these programs to provide them a long term solution to cash flow without exchanging any energy in return. Consequently, more and more people are accepting this poverty mentality and agreeing to live in LACK for many months or years. Since we know that "like attracts like", it is virtually impossible to be associated with these programs and work your way out of this destructive mentality.

If used correctly, these programs provide exactly what they are meant to: a life boat that gets us to shore. When used improperly, these programs create a group of people who become trapped in a mentality of lack and ultimately look to an outside agency for the solution to poverty. This is never where the solution will be found.

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