Monday, December 1, 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep...

i work with many clients who are looking for a shift in consciousness, but their familiarity with current situations & pain often block this shift. one of the concepts that i stress in my work is the idea that because we were born -just because all those elements of biology, genetics, etc. came together and formed only us - just because of that miracle, we are enough. we are meant to be here and as such, we are children of g-d.

i talk about this with my clients and there is always agreement. they understand the concepts intellectually, but cannot integrate them into the soul and spirit. their is so much negative chatter in their heads that they have identified only with what is wrong with them...not what is right.

so, here is something that i practice each night. when i go to bed, i always review my day and decide whether or not i behaved properly. did i treat everyone the way g-d would have wanted me to treat them? did i act as a child of g-d?

but most of all, did i treat myself as a child of g-d who is enough? did i show myself the kind of love without ego or expectation that i strive to show others? if i don't treat myself in this manner, then how in the world can i treat others with love and kindness? are enough, just because you are here. there is a purpose for you.

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