Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Forgive?

I posted my exercise on forgiveness and realized that it might be worth the time to explain why we need to forgive...

When we carry around anger, resentment or fear from the past, we essentially allow the negative energy produced by those emotions to have a home in our bodies. Over time, the negative energy takes its toll on the body by becoming chronic disease or acute illness.

Most of the time, the negativity that we carry with us is based in our having become entangled in someone else's journey. We have been trying to change, rescue or save someone else and our efforts have been in vain. We forget that we cannot change anyone other than ourselves and our responses/reactions to others.

We all have a spiritual path or journey to walk in our lifetime and that journey is unique to us. No one is allowed on our path except us and we are not to walk on someone else's path. The reason for this is simple: G-d has given us a specific set of emotional, energetic & spiritual tools to use on our journeys. These tools provide everything we need to meet the trials and tribulations on our paths in order to have a sucessful outcome. This outcome may not be the one we hope for or want, but it is the one we are meant to have.

We are not given tools to meet the trials and tribulations of OTHER people's journeys! When we interfere on someone else's path, we often get that pain in the pit of our stomach...that is the area of personal power. In other words, we are trying to use our personal power or ego to affect a journey that does not belong to us...the pain we feel is a warning to us that we are not supposed to be engaging in these actions - we are on the wrong path.

If we don't realize that we are on someone else's path and it is our responsibility to get off that street, then we end up remaining in that place of pain...the pit in our stomach becomes filled with our resentment, anger and/or fear over not being able to get the result we want and that negative energy lives within a nice warm place just gathering fuel to expand out into the rest of our bodies as illness or disease. By the time we realize what has happened, we may be dealing with serious consequences.

So...much better for us to stay only on our own paths and allow others to be who they are and take their own journeys. If we have past resentments that we have not cleaned up, then we need to address them now with forgiveness...remember, we are trying to get rid of all negative energy that is threatening our well-being. So through forgiveness, we not only find emotional freedom, but energetic, spiritual and physical freedom as well. What a blessing!

Happy journeys!

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