Friday, November 28, 2008

Blessings & Welcome! your journey begins...

i started awaken to spirit after being diagnosed with two very painful and chronic illnesses. when told that i would end up in a wheelchair before the age of forty, i had a wake-up call! i went on my own spiritual journey to understand why i suffered from depression, chronic pain and generally a distaste for life. what i found is what i now share - how to become connected to spirit and thereby connected to source or god. from here, we can heal ourselves emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically because we are able to draw from the infinite, all powerful energy of source. we cannot do this from our human place, because most of us are simply too wounded to generate this type of power. i will share my journey and with permission the journeys of my clients in a general way. we live in a very special and crucial time when we can change the course of our lives and futures if we choose wisely. my prayer is that all of us awaken to spirit and choose the wise path.

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