Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why Turn the Other Cheek?

Why do we forgive or turn the other cheek? Is it because we were taught this in Sunday School and it is the right thing to do?

Well, maybe...but, perhaps we turn the other cheek because by doing so, we are elevating ourselves to a new, higher vibration in our dimension! Once there, we can then invite others within our dimension to elevate themselves as well!

What a wonderful gift - by being the hero, we require ourselves and others to join us on a higher spiritual plane! Just think, once we achieve this higher spiritual plane, we never have to descend to a lower plane again.

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MarshaEger said...

I agree with you. By not responding in kind to a slight or negative action we may elevate ourselves to another level, and at the very least we don't diminish ourselves by going to a lower vibration. I think this is a great start, but I think that forgiveness is the other essential. We must forgive in order to really move beyond the pervading negativity that results when another is unkind towards us. This forgiveness clears the path, creates the opening to our Higher Selves and allows us to attract others who are vibrating at the same frequency. And isn't this the goal? If we could get beyond ego and everyone could "turn the other cheek" we would move the world to a whole new vibration of peace and harmony. Thanks Lynn for your thought-provoking words. You certainly got me thinking. Namaste