Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What do you think?

i would like to hear what you think about this question:

what is the purpose of a spiritual journey?

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MarshaEger said...

The purpose of the journey is to awaken(as you so aptly entitled this blog) to Spirit, to the Divine nature of our being. It is about understanding that we all arise from the Oneness,each a distinct creation of the Divine.

We are here to learn that we are not separate from one another, but rather we are interconnected through the magical dance of the Universe. Ultimately if we begin to turn outwardly from our ego state to deep inward listening we will understand that this journey, no matter how seemingly distinct from one another, is all about love. It is about opening up to the truth of our existence.
This not a journey of distance. We need only go inward to find the guidance and wisdom that will lead us to this understanding and show us how to live and love in the world.