Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Most Precious Christmas Gift of All

As many of you know, my father suffered a massive stroke in August of 2011.  Despite the pain and difficulty of all this, we have both been blessed with realizing that this is a journey we are both undertaking for the better. 

My father has always been extraordinary and although he is quite different from who he was prior to August 18, 2011, he is by far still the most extraordinary man that I have ever known.

As a child, I was always somewhat disappointed by Christmas.  I never understood gift giving and receiving as the entire point...I far loved giving  more than receiving, but all in all, I was sad when the holiday was over because I felt that everyone, including me,  had missed the point of the day. 

This Christmas has been frought will flu, nursing homes, financial stress and overall emotional hardship as I do not have my dad home just yet.  My hope was that he would spend Christmas at home, but that has not happened despite my intentions...I am learning to surrender yet again and it is hard.

But...and this is one big huge moment in the craziness of it all...last week, I received a Christmas card - from my dad!  He had signed it in the nursing home, "With love, Dad."  I nearly broke in two...this is by far my favorite card that I have ever received in all my fifty years!  I am so grateful that he is still here and was able to sign that card even if he never remembers doing it!  

Finally, I understand Christmas and all its meaning ...it is not in the glitter and lights.  It is not under the tree.  It is not in all the food and the pounds gained.  It is in family and love - shared love that transcends all the pain of an entire lifetime.  It is in gratitude for being able to love to this depth.  And most of all, it is in knowing that we all are Holy Children of a most Loving Creator. 

Blessings to all of you this Holiday Season.

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MarshaEger said...

Dear Lynn,
Your are as extraordinary as your dad and so is this Christmas message, which you have posted to your blog. Thank you for the message that love is the cure even for a life time of pain. Such transcendence...what a journey you are on. Thank you for such a devatalirich and intimate sharing. We are all blessed to know you.

Love and Merry Christmas,