Friday, April 1, 2011

Which Way is Your Journey?

Recently, I have been having a tough go of it.  And in the midst of this tough go, I met someone who was having a tougher go.  As she and I have been creating a friendship, a working relationship and more, we both realized something HUGE today!  We (all of us) never move backwards or more importantly, we never stop growing and learning!

Think about that, especially when you are stuck and feel stuck and even more cannot stop or go backwards!  The Universe will not  permit it and the greater force (Creator/Source/God) has set it up so that the Universe is expanding and not retracting - therefore, it too cannot stop or turn around and go back.

This is a beautiful process....a remarkable journey that we are all on and as such, we continue moving through that journey, learning, growing and in our human words, we call that "forward". 

However, it is also a human construct to want to believe that backwards does exist.  In fact, we have even installed cameras in cars so that we can look forward but go backwards at the same time!  Again, totally impossible but our egos tell us we can and must, so that is what we do...all along, these egos prevent us from surrendering to the bigger lesson - that we are here in this dense Earth dimension to learn, to grow, to love and to surrender.

Once we have done this and learned the lessons for this lifetime, we are then moving onto a new process; unfortunately, we have labelled this "death" and considered it for too long an ending.  It is NOT an ending, but rather a shift to a new beginning in another form, which is why there is nothing to fear; yet, again as humans we figure out all kinds of ways to prolong life, even unnaturally - desperately fighting against the unknown with little or no faith that something greater than us put an amazing process into being and all we have to do is enjoy the ride!

So, when you have a bad time...when life is hard and seems to be getting harder, you have not failed.  You are not stuck - you are still learning and growing no matter what.  Allow yourself to relax and realize this from your new perspective...that you are moving in the direction you are meant to.  In doing so, in allowing, you become teachable again and that is all that matters.

Stay open, keep the faith and let yourself remain teachable...go with the flow and you cannot go wrong.

Namaste, fellow travellers.

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MarshaEger said...

Great wisdom Lynn. Thank you.