Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Choosing a healer, spiritual counselor or alternative practitioner

I have heard from others on more than one occasion about how much money they have spent on charlatans and other con artists proclaiming to be healers or miracle workers!   When I was ill and trying to find someone to help me, I also ran up against this issue as well as being told that I would have to empty my bank account to find anyone who would work with me on a regular basis.  So, how does one find a healer or practitioner when one is sick, or in pain and desperate?

First of all, try to do your homework when you are not in the peak of pain or desperation.  I firmly believe that some of the people out there, who are doing this work to satisfy their own egos or wallets, can sense a person who is in trouble;  they will take advantage of this state, so try to call when you are feeling your strongest.  Another suggestion is to have your spouse, partner or friend on the phone with you to monitor the call and/or ask questions for clarification. (Make sure you tell the practitioner that you have someone on the line with you - don't try to engage in trickery yourself as it is not worth it in the long run.)

Make a list of questions and concerns ahead of time, then follow your outline. If you prepare yourself before your phone call, you will feel more in charge and capable.  This will also be "picked up" by the practitioner and your results will likely be more truthful.  Additionally, once the first call is coming to a close, tell the practitioner that you are going to take some time to think the conversation over and allow it to sink in.  Let them know that if you have further questions, you will call them back.  Gauge their reaction to this.  An honest practitioner, who is truly in the business of helping others, will encourage you to take this step and really be certain you are ready to do the work; someone who is just after your money or adulation may pressure you to commit right away.  Now, don't confuse that with someone who may indicate that he/she is really busy and has a tough schedule; there is a clear difference when someone is trying to work you into the schedule vs. someone who is pressuring you to "sign up" or become part of the flock!

Obviously word of mouth referral is one of your safest and best bets; however, remember that just because your best friend got wonderful results with someone, you may not resonate with that person as highly.  When you meet the practitioner in person or on the phone, pay attention to your "gut".  Feel whether or not the fit is right.  Do you feel comfortable with this person?  Do you feel that you will be honest and dedicated to the process? 

Most importantly, be sure and ask what the process is!! Know what type of work you are getting into - is it talking with someone or will they be putting hands on you?  Do they channel?  Do they use tarot cards or other methods of reading you?  Are you comfortable with what they do?  If you are not comfortable or you have any fears, bring these up immediately and ask for clarification or assurance.  Anyone who is worth their salt will tell you why they use a process or why they don't and if there are any precautions that you should take or be aware of.  If your fears or concerns are dismissed, then RUN!  Find someone who will respect and value you from the initial meeting.  Do not feel you have to please your practitioner - that is not your job nor should you be made to feel that it is.

There are some thoughts about people who charge for healing or spiritual work.  One side feels that this type of help should never be mixed with money, but others are OK with a fee being charged.  When I work, I charge for my time and not for my gifts as they are just that "gifts".  Additionally, I work with a sliding scale that sometimes slides right off the chart!  I am here to help others because I was given the gift of healing. I am not here to pad my wallet.  That being said, I do need to eat and keep a roof over my head as well, but I will always do my best to accommodate someone who really wants help and wants to change his/her life.  Talk with your practitioner about all of this and again, use your "gut"; make certain that if you are paying for help, healing or transformation, you can focus on the work at hand and not on the payment!

I am also sensitive to this issue of money because I was ill for many years and could not find anyone who would help me without charging full fare.  This prevented me from finding the help I required.  In the long run, this was a blessing, because it forced me to find the answers within myself and that was exactly what I needed! 

Many of us need a little guidance or direction and that should be available without having to sacrifice the first born child!  Anyone you speak to should be somewhat sensitive to this and if not, then ask why.  There is no harm in understanding their reasoning for not wanting to make a trade or offer a discount.  As long  as you ask with an open mind and a respectful tone, you should receive an honest and respectful answer.

While these hints can help you can find an alternative practitioner, you must first be ready to do the work and make the commitment to getting well or making changes.  If you are not ready, then wait.  Most importantly, if you are hoping that someone else is going to "FIX" you, then you are not ready.  There is no one that I know who is powerful enough to fully heal or fix anyone without that person doing some of the work him or herself.  If someone says they are that powerful, then again, I would say RUN! 

Much of our journey in life is to take on challenges and find the answers from within.  A healer or therapist can assist you with this, but the bottom line is that the work is yours to do.  I have never heard of any magic than can instantaneously fix or heal someone without their participating somehow.  Once you are ready and willing, I can promise you that this process of healing or changing will be something amazing and beautiful.

So, put your comfortable walking shoes on and get ready for a wonderful journey!

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