Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Terminally Unique Ego

Our human egos want us to believe we are "terminally unique" - that our story is so very different and so much more painful than anyone could possibly know. On top of that, it is terribly important for everyone else to understand just how much we have had to endure because somehow in their acknowledgment of our pain, we may be healed!! For many years, my ego and I held people hostage with this thinking. When I gave, I gave with a silent agreement that I would receive something in return, especially if I was experiencing hard times. Of course, I never knew how to ask for what I needed, but I expected others to know and give it freely. And I certainly did not know how to listen for God's voice or for the answers to my prayers! Just thinking about what I wanted should be enough! Clearly these methods never worked and I was permanently disappointed and believed I was meant to be punished. Little did I realize that I was my very own judge, jury and executioner! I was yours as well. Today, I have peace, miracles and joy when I allow myself to be as God created me - in his/her image of infinite love, light and perfection! Release your egos...cast them out into the nothingness from where they came! Do this with unconditional forgiveness and allow yourself to live in The Kingdom of Heaven NOW. I promise you, there is nothing like it!!❤️

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