Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What I Must Do

I see so many people not making suggestions but TELLING all of us who we should be and what/how we should get there.  I fall into the same trap.  And then BOOM!  Spirit hits me hard, or whispers gently to remind me that I am not finished fixing me yet.

How can I go around telling others what is wrong with them when I still have so much to discover, uncover and discard within me?

This does not take away from the true perfection that we all are once we awaken from the illusion; however, awakening from the illusion is my most important commitment.

I cannot judge others when I am still run by EGO and fear.  Until I know and live perfect God-like, unconditional love, I am too busy taking my own inventory to be concerned with taking yours.

I hope this is something you will think about.  ❤️

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