Wednesday, March 22, 2017


My dear Angels,

Take what you like and leave the rest....

Prior to this hospitalization, I had a conflict with a dear friend.  We forgave.  That night, I dreamt she was the most ethereal celestial being I had ever seen.  She was a shimmering silver and blue color...I knew she saw me as the same because we are One.

In the hospital as I was enduring bad food, pain, sleepless nights, etc. I would close my eyes and see an elongated star in the most amazing pearl blue, violet and silver shimmers ever.

Inside this star was the holograph of a man.  I knew him to be JESUS.  His arms reached for me to comfort every inch of my being.  I knew I was surrounded by a true and only love that is not known in this Illusion called Earth.

Today, the Universe we think we see disappeared for me...after which I heard the most beautiful laughter coming from Source, because I was finally awake to the truth. ❤

PS...God/Source has an amazing laugh and humor!  How incredible.

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