Sunday, January 15, 2017


I woke up the other morning with an epiphany!  Life is too short to spend it upset, in guilt, in fear or hatred, or in anger.

No perfect father who created everything would create anything but infinite, unconditional love.

Therefore, that is how I would now live.  No linger would I project out blame, anger, fear and guilt.  Now I would question ALL that I had been taught by those who had been taught throughout the many years of societies.  I would no longer be ruled by resentments and labels that supposedly described me!

I was none of those things.  Instead I was a creation of perfection, brilliance and infinite light ...made amidst unconditional love.

I was, in fact, a part of Creator and if Creator knew no opposites, neither did I.  Instead, I only new how to be ONE with all.  Why would I believe anything else?  This world is merely an illusion or dream created by us so that we may wake up and realize that none of it was ever true.

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