Friday, May 21, 2010

The Importance of True Healing

I was reminded today of why it is so important to do true healing at some point in ones life. Many people believe that therapy and coming to terms with some issue in their lives is enough. I do not.

I believe that therapy can help us identify problems and issues. In other words this process may uncover and discover problems within; however, I am not convinced that therapy helps us rid (discard) ourselves of the negative energy those issues carry with them. If we do not release this energy, it continues to bombard our bodies with negative destruction over and over again, eventually causing the body to enter a state of “dis-ease”.

I have spoken with and worked with so many people who have had years of therapy and while many of them are able to freely express themselves and the problems they have identified and worked on, they continue to hold the dark energy of those problems within their spirits and bodies. Ultimately, they have not healed the issue; rather, they have only found a place for it that is emotionally manageable. When a mind, body and spirit (as one) have not fully healed something, it can continue to fester and attract more negativity to itself, eventually causing illness. This is clearly something that must be avoided.

Energy work and spiritual healing, when done correctly, guides a person towards completely uncovering, discovering and discarding those problems, beliefs and issues that have found their way into our subconscious and conscious minds over time. The person can be walked through a process of releasing not only the problem but the power or energy that problem holds within the person's body, mind and spirit.

Additionally, by seeing all problems or issues as spiritual lessons or teachings, the person is often able to turn somethng that has been a lifelong negative into a true positive, learning so much from the experience that they never again need face that same issue again! This is true enlightenment and a skill that once learned can be used effectively towards healing future problems. I cannot think of anything more empowering that being able to take something that has the potential to destroy, remove its power and turn it on its head so that it becomes a gift of growth and perhaps inspiration!

I was having a discussion (unfortunately only by email) with someone I do not know who was very angry with me. I had attempted to explain my history and background in an effort to illustrate why I approached a certain social problem from a unique perspective. My perspective seemed to cause her great distress! When I mentioned that I had healed myself of three different diseases and that this journey created this new perspective, she shot back that she “knew all about self-healing” as her husband had done specific back exercises with great success. While I understood her point, I could only note the deep anger that was being held within this woman who may know all there is to know about self-healing from her husband's perspective, but has no idea about releasing that energy from her own body, mind and spirit..

I was profoundly sad for her because I knew that had she spent any time at all on her own spiritual healing, she would have released the anger she carried within herself and used toward others when it was unecessary to do so. When we target others with our own anger, we usually end up causing ourselves far more distress than we cause the other person. The negativity of this anger leaves us momentarily thereby giving us a false sense of release and then returns to us exponentially larger as it now carries with it the negativity from the person it was directed towards as well as any stray dark energy it gathered from the collective unconscious while on its journey.

Releasing toxic energy from our bodies is the only way to be sure that we no longer will suffer the ill effects of its toxicity. This is what true healing is all about. Releasing this negative energy and allowing the body to come back to balance and restore itself from “dis-ease” to ease and wholeness.

Lastly, I want to address the many requests I receive from individuals who would like me to solve a painful problem in one email. While true healing and profound enlightenment can and often does happen in an instant, the process leading up to that instant involves time. We live in a world that provides us instant access to almost everything and unfortunately, this has led us to believe that anything that takes time is boring, unworthy or outdated. Spiritual growth and healing of the body, mind and spirit is not a destination but an exciting lifelong journey that should be treated with great reverence, not as a download or update of software. If you find someone who is willing to give you instant advice without taking into account how you arrived at the problem you are now facing, you have cheated yourself of some important learning; this is invaluable information which might possibly prevent you from more searing pain in the future. Anytime we do not learn our lessons from one experience, we become destined to repeat the lesson with higher stakes in the future!

There is a process to doing this and all of us who work with clients probably approach the journey in very different ways. The main concern is that you are on your own journey towards healing and wholeness and not walking the path of your healer; he or she has done his/her own journey and should not need you to validate it. Be prepared that deep healing is not always comfortable, easy or quick. It is not about you receiving only nurturing; is is only about you becoming whole again. Growth is often painful but oh, so worth it!!! As my wonderful and enlightened friend would say, “Happy Healing!”

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