Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Are You Overly Sensitive?

Over these last few posts, I have mentioned that I am someone who is very sensitive. A lot of you seemed to identify with being sensitive as well. I have found in my work that many people who are dealing with chronic pain issues or autoimmune disease are also incredibly sensitive and empathic (they feel other peoples feelings without having been told what the person is experiencing).

Because of this, I want to take a minute to explain a little more about what we as sensitives deal with on a daily basis. Those of us who are sensitive often do not realize that we feel and take on OTHER people's feelings, fears, physical illnesses, etc. without knowing that we have done this. On top of that, if we are empathic and intuitive, we can be bombarded by the fears, anxieties and depression of the collective unconscious; often times, we will end up in bed not understanding why we are so unhappy when nothing specific has happened to us. We do not see that we have internalized a wave or field of emotion and energy that we did not produce. Consequently, it is imperative that we find a way to distinguish between what is ours and what is theirs.

I was having a particularly emotional afternoon the other day for no particular reason. All of a sudden, I realized that I was experiencing a mood that was from others and most likely from their subconscious. For whatever reason, people in general were down that day or just a bit filled with anxiety and I was picking up on it. When I was clear that I was not really upset about any one thing in particular, I was able to allow the mish mash of feelings to just wash over me and then go – I recognized it and then allowed it to leave me. It was not mine to begin with, so I had no reason to hang on to it.

When I was younger, I did not understand this, nor did my family. I was so adept at feeling what others were feeling, that I could shift gears in a moment. This was very frightening for me and I am sure it caused my parents a great deal of concern since I was unable to articulate what was really going on. It has only been in the last ten years or so that I now know why this was happening to me and how to control it in a way that does not completely unhinge my life.

If you are a sensitive person, give yourself a break. Realize that you are very, very blessed even if you do not know that you just yet. When you feel something so intensely, ask yourself if this might be a feeling that others are sending out and not your own. If so, simply relax and acknowledge your ability to sense this; let the feeling simply be and then allow it to go away. It was never yours to begin with and now that you know this, you can just allow it to move on somewhere else.

Before you leave the house and you know you are going out somewhere with a lot of people around such as a mall, movie or concert, be sure to center yourself. Feel your feet on the floor (no rubber soles, please as that grounds your energy!) connect your feet down into the energy of the earth. Feel gratitude for Mother Earth or Gaia and your connection to her. Then visualize a beautiful white, silver or gold light coming up from your feet, through your body and out of your head into the heavens.

From here you are now connected to your Higher Power, whatever that is to you. Keep this connection and feel the amazing love and power that you are now plugged into. Once you feel this, allow that beautiful white, silver or gold light to surround you as well. See it keeping your protected and safe – you can always adjust it if you feel you cannot allow enough in. When you feel you are perfectly shielded, then you can go out and enjoy yourself without being overstimulated by others energy or emotions.

If for some reason you come home feeling overwhelmed despite your best efforts, then you can do two very easy and helpful things. One, light a candle and ask your Higher Power and your Spirit Guides to clear you of all outside negative or powerful energy and emotion that is not your own. See yourself clear and cleansed. Additionally, take a relaxing shower or bath and rinse away this extra energy or emotion! This will really help you...if you are somewhere where you cannot shower or bath, just splash water on your face and arms as a substitute! Always, always drink plenty of water to rinse out toxins that have found their way inside (it's also really good for your skin!)

There are also crystals which you can carry with you or wear that will assist with all of this; however, I am a strong believer that you must learn how to control and deal with this on your own first. By doing so, you may just find out some really neat things about yourself and your abilities as a sensitive! I did and am incredibly grateful for these gifts today.

Any questions my fellow sensitives and empaths? Just ask!

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