Friday, April 30, 2010

You Are Perfect

I have been working with some people who have deeply impressed me with their committment to healing and change! They are amazing, powerful, kind, loving, and courageous just to name a few attributes! I have been overjoyed with how quickly they have embraced this work and made such huge strides in healing so that their lives will forever be those of guidance, growth and wellness. They will never again face difficulties as if they are being punished!  Anything that comes their way will be something they can navigate and they will know that it is there to teach them new lessons. (The good news is that you can learn how to do all of this as is not a secret!) What a blessing!

So, this being said and if I could waive a magic wand, what would I want for all of you right now in this moment?

I would want you to all know that you are PERFECT BEINGS! You are perfect spiritual beings having a beautiful human experience and even if your body is not perfect right now, it can be. Within you resides a perfect divine blueprint and it contains everything that you need in life. The lesson is to learn how to access these drawings and call them back into existence.

When you were born, you were (and still are) perfect. Unfortunately though, in today's world, we spend years being told that we don't know enough, we are not old enough, we must learn more, etc. At the same time, we are bombarded with media images of what is perfection - even if it means painful plastic surgery OR time spent with an airbrush and photoshop! Is it any wonder that most of us could not look ourselves in the mirror with love and acceptance? Rather, we would scrutinize every little bump or blight and wonder how we could get rid of what we don't like!

I spent the majority of my life performing for everyone as a daughter, student, friend, lover...whatever. I was a quick study and learned how to please people and that became my addiction. I was never comfortable with myself unless I was receiving positive feedback from others. I later learned that "people pleasing" is really manipulation as it does not allow the other person to react freely and openly to me.

Today, I have become quite comfortable knowing that what you think of me is none of my business! Now that does not mean that I am allowed to be unkind or abusive. It means that I will always behave and speak with the kindness and love I would want directed towards me, but I will allow you to react or perceive me in any way that you choose. If you don't like me, I will not take it personally ...that is your right and your choice. As long as I like myself and value the spiritual being within, I am fine.

Most importantly, I know I am a perfect spiritual being who will more than likely fall into human weakness in this body and experience that I am having; however, that does not make me any less perfect - it just makes me human as well! Whenever I am faced with something that is a problem, I remember that I am here to learn and to grow spiritually, so whatever I face is just making me do that very thing.

As a perfect being, I am also connected as one with God or Source. If there is a problem that overwhelms the human Lynn, I always trust that spiritual Lynn and her Source connection can find the answer. I relax, ask for help and then get out of the way. Because I trust that the answer is on its way to me as I am asking for it, I have never been disappointed by not receiving the answer or receiving the wrong one! This has been a miracle formula for me and one that I wish I had learned a long time ago!

So, to keep this short...please, please tonight as you put your head down on your pillow, see yourself as the beautiful, spiritual being of light and love that you are! Give yourself a few minutes to really feel this deep down. Feel gratitude for the wonderful traits that you have and may not celebrate enough! Treat yourself as your very best friend before you doze off....You are perfect in every way even if you don't know it just will.


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