Monday, March 15, 2010

Intuitive Parenting

What is intuitive parenting? It is simply a process by which you allow that still, small voice to come through and speak to you about your child. It is not hearing from a place of emotion or a place of intellect; instead it is hearing from a connection to something bigger – call it spirit, God, Source or whatever works for you. When you are connected to this larger web and you are tuned into the frequency of your child, you have access to information that is precise and timely for that child at that moment. All of you as parents have experienced times with your children when you just knew something and no one could tell you differently. That is intuitive parenting and in this day and age, it is vital that you expand your skill level.

Children are incredible communicators despite the fact that they may not posses the verbal skills with which to articulate their thoughts. Additionally, children are incredibly sensitive and empathic in ways that most adults have lost. In general, children have abilities that we adults have outgrown as we have learned to operate in a world based in fear and ego.

Science and quantum physics has determined that all humans are basically energy. Although we are chemical and biological, we are primarily energy that is vibrating at certain frequencies throughout the day. We have found that in addition to our physical body, we also possess an emotional body, a mental body and a spiritual body which surround the physical body; because these additional bodies vibrate at such a high frequency, they are not as dense as the physical body and to many people they appear to be invisible.

As an intuitive and an energy worker, I am able to see and read all these different bodies. Much like tuning into a radio station, I am able to tune into the frequency of these different bodies and receive information. Consequently, I can access information that your child is communicating on a non-verbal level. In some cases, a child's emotional, mental and/or spiritual body will show areas that are in distress before the physical body has manifested this distress as an illness. In other cases, a child may already have an illness or diagnosis, but by working with their energy many of their symptoms can be addressed and minimized because the body as a whole is being fully supported.

My long term goal is to teach parents how to do this yourself so that you are always able to fully “dialogue” with your child. You already have the basic skill set; however, you need some guidance in how to get out of your head and emotions so that the true information can come through in a clear and precise manner. When I work with children, I always involve the family so that everyone can begin communicating in a new, fun way that allows all the pieces of the puzzle to be seen.

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