Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Power of Giving

I am so thrilled as I write this because through helping someone else to heal, I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds - all in about ONE week!  Through spiritual serendipty, I came across a blog about someone who is struggling with a chronic pain disease that I myself battled for years.  At the time, I was told in no uncertain terms that I was meant to reach out to this remarkable woman and help her on her spiritual journey of healing.  I didn't know why I was told to do this, but I have done this long enough, that I no longer question why anymore - I follow orders and just do what I am told!

So I did and I quickly found myself helping someone who is truly amazing, deeply strong and so filled with intuitive light that she shines on me and all those around her! 

What I find incredible is that almost immediately after making this connection, I began to feel a bit strange.  I felt very tired, but at the same time, I was edgy and awake.  Again, I have been on this journey long enough, that I knew something or some shift was coming and it was coming in a BIG way!  Unfortunately, I am still somewhat impatient and as soons as I realized I was in for a growth spurt, I became very excited and could not wait to find out what it would be.  Sad to say, I had to wait a bit longer and become more tired and wiped out...

Today, a new truth was revealed!  As soon as my epiphany hit, I was able to jump forward spiritually, emotionally and mentally.  More importantly, I was also able to release years of emotional pain that I did not realize I was still carrying!  As I released this pain, I was instantly forgiving all the people who played a role in how this pain was created within my life.  AMAZING!  In one moment, I was enlightened and lightened of my burden!  (I will share the details of the epiphany later on as it is so fresh that I wish to honor it by just allowing it to merge within me.)\\

The point that cannot be lost here is that through my work with another human being and in helping HER to heal, I also was healed!  I have always believed that what I was so freely given (my own healing from chronic pain as well as a spiritual awakening) must be shared with others so that I may keep my gifts. 

I hear from people all over the world who are in a tremendous amount of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. The main theme that plays out over and over again for these people is how small their world becomes.  They are unable to focus on anything or anyone but the pain and how unfair it is.  Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is only going to attract more pain and more injustice since we do become what we think about. 

My pearl of wisdom for today is this - If you are experiencing a  dark night of the soul, I urge you to step outside of yourself for just a moment and offer your heart and spirit to someone who is also suffering.  Give of yourself without any expectation of receiving anything in return...I guarantee you that you will not be the same person once you have done this.  Either you will experience something that you never imagined could happen to or for you, or your perspective will have shifted so dramatically that your dark night will no longer seem so dark or so long.

Blessings my friends and welcome to the journey.

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Tough Cookie said...

Beautiful! Thank you so much for saying such kind things about me and for sharing our uniqiue bond on your blog. I will post this on mine because so many will benefit. You are truly, truly gifted and one of a kind. I am so blessed to know you and be learning from such a talented person. xoxoxo