Saturday, August 5, 2017


Sadly I trusted someone for the second time and my trust was betrayed.  I feel angry, deceived, sad and vengeful in ways.

What I KNOW, however is quite different:

This is an opportunity for me to learn, to forgive and to heal!

For whatever reason, this Lesson came up again in my life in nearly the exact same way as it had before...clearly, there is an issue or void within me that needs work.

Yes, I could choose to just stay angry at the other person and cast out all my power towards them, but what or who would that serve?

So, I have a moment in time to reflect on why I am facing this problem again...what have I not healed within myself that is asking for assistance?

This process takes time.  I must dig down, below the surface, and release everything that is blocking my path to Awareness/Love.

What a glorious challenge!  I am grateful for this gift!

As I begin to let go of the anger, hurt, and betrayal, I am shown amazing insights into myself and my relationship to a greater Presence who I call God.

I have not finished;  I have only just begun my lesson...but as I continue on this path I am reminded of the following:

"Just as a screen is never truly obscured, let alone harmed by any image, although it is one with all images, so our essential nature of pure Awareness is never veiled or hurt by any appearance of the body, mind or world, although it is intimately one with all such appearances."

~ Rupert Spira

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