Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hello my Angels!  What a wonderful day I had and how it started was extraordinary!

I had to go out very early this morning and decided after my errand to stop at McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin!!!  It was a misty, bordering on rainy day as I looked ahead, stopping my desperate search for the three pennies I needed to pay the cashier at "Window 1"!!!  

As I looked ahead, I noticed a man wrapped in a blanket who had a shopping cart.  I noticed more that he had a husky cough that (having worked in medicine) worried me.

Having found the three pennies, I decided to concentrated on what to offer this man who was just barely tolerating the misty, wet weather.  Long ago I had the conversation with myself about giving people money -"oh, they will just spend it on alcohol, blah, blah, blah"  and then I decided who am I to judge what they spend it on.  Once I give it, it is a gift...not mine to decide where it goes.

So I reached into my wallet and saw three ones and two twenties.  I did not hesitate...I pulled out a twenty.  I got my food, folded up the twenty and drove up to the man to hand him the money.

It was at this moment I was astounded!  I was looking into the face of an Angel!  A real, honest to good Angel.  I was so startled that I mumbled, "You have a good day....and God Bless."  He replied back with perfect peace and love, "You have a good day too."  There was no need for him to bless me as I had already been blessed simply by his presence.

I wish I could tell you how I knew this man was an angel but he was and maybe we all have to find out for ourselves just what it feels like to look into the face of an angel and perfect love.  It is indescribable and changing.  Even more so, when you expect to see the downtrodden look of a homeless man waiting in the misty rain!

I am astounded by what I notice when I am paying attention to God's miracles...can you imagine what we miss when we are NOT paying attention?

Thank you, God for your blessed gift to me every day of every year...may I never ever miss any of  them.

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