Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Holiday Blues Undone!

Dear Friends and Angels,

I can honestly tell you that I have been dreading this holiday season....this is the first season without my mom or my dad and I hate it. My perspective has been one of fear, not love.

In addition to hating and dreading, I have become full of expectations. I expected my friends to do this or do that for me so that I would not have to be alone. It was or is “all about me”...I had returned to a place where I was the center of my own Universe.

Somehow I am very blessed by my Creator...whenever my Universe becomes all about me, my Creator finds a way to kick my proverbial ass, and kick it hard! But in doing said kicking, I always learn something and grow spiritually by leaps and bounds even if I am bruised in the process.

Every plan I had for Thanksgiving fell apart and suddenly I was faced with either sitting home alone and feeling incredibly sorry for myself or I was going to have to go somewhere that I really did not want to go. Either choice, in my Universe, seemed to be some punishment and I fell further into my own self-imposed and created darkness.

I don't know why or how this really shifted but shifted, it did. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the idea that maybe this Thanksgiving was not about what others could give me, but what I could offer to others. A simple concept, but often I am far from simple when I can make something complex!

Instead of worrying about my day, I decided that I would seek out others who were alone and needed someone to brighten their day. I had heard someone who lost a six year old child (during a school shooting) say the following: “It is not about what we expect from life, but it is about what life expects from us.” Additionally, the mother of the six year old was asked what she advocates, such as gun control, etc. Her reply was this: “I advocate love.”

And with that, I will end this and remember to advocate love throughout this holiday season.

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