Monday, August 23, 2010

Dance with Joy, Celebrate in Awe and Be your Bliss!

I want to follow up my many musings about fear with a short, but to the point post about bliss....After all the fear drained out of me the other day, it was replaced with faith and by association bliss!

One of the attitudes I had stuffed back into my closet since I felt that I was “less than” was joy. I have not been celebrating and living in joy as I can and should do. If our reality really is reflected back to us, and I believe it is, then it is imperative that we celebrate and live in bliss today so that what is mirrored back to us tomorrow is equally as amazing!

I think many of us undergoing a spiritual journey tend to become very serious about our world and practice. I know I do. Often times, I forget that one ingredient essential to this entire process – Awe! I fail to celebrate when I wake up in the morning that I am so blessed to be able to create an entirely new day in which to dance, skip and play – or do cartwheels in the park!

Part of the problem is our failure to live in the now. Often times when I wake up, I am carrying yesterday or many yesterdays with me and that is a lot of baggage to have when you want to dance or skip or play! It is crucial that we treat each day as a new beginning and free of all our yesterdays. Additionally, this new beginning must not be wrapped in any fear of the future either. Tomorrow has not yet come, so it bears no influence on today's start up.

Another problem some of us have is being results or goal oriented. I know, I know ...we spend our entire lives being told we must form, set and reach our goals, but there is something very wrong with this approach. We fail to enjoy the journey or the process of getting where we want to go. When we miss what is happening along the path, we have missed an entire lifetime of things to be grateful for.

Often, I am so focused on what I want to achieve in meditation or healing that I forget to be present during the actual process. Most importantly, by focusing only on the goal, I can be very disappointed if my goal is not reached; I always have to remind myself that I am not the one healing...God is doing the work and it is God's will, not mine that matters. Since the outcome is not up to me, then I might as well enjoy the actual time spent getting wherever we are going!

Also, when we are so sensitive, we tend to have developed different methods of protecting ourselves by being defensive. I am guilty of this a usually shows up in my being isolated. When I first began my journey, I was isolated because I needed to work and study or pray; however, now I find that I often stay isolated to protect myself from being so sensitive and experiencing hurt in the outside world. This is a tough struggle – having enough faith that you know you are safe, but staying sensitive and empathic enough that you do your most good for others.

Many masters speak of seeing the world through God's eyes. I realized this morning as I was beginning another day, that to see this world through God's eyes would mean that I was full of bliss and excitement. Why blissful? Why wouldn't I see all the mistakes that man has made and feel sorrow? Because God does not have judgment or regret! Those are man/woman's emotions. God has only the purest love for all creation and as such could never see what is wrong...only what is right!

I have made a commitment to see what is right with the world and not what is wrong with it. I will decide to live in bliss, passion and joy for my opportunity to know and love as God does.

Won't you join me?


MarshaEger said...

Lovely posting Lynn. I would add that we must follow our bliss as well, that is our heart's passion. Do what you love to do and thejoy and bliss will be a natural arising.

Tough Cookie said...

Amen!!!! xoxoxo

Jill said...

I love the philosophy. However, I must disagree with one point.

I truly believe we need to have goals and aspirations in life. But these are only to guide us and to give us something to strive for. They are not to diminish the importance of the journey.

I love the saying "live every day as if it were your last"...:-)

Lynn said...

Jill, I agree with having focus as well. But my point is to not be so focused on the destination that you miss the journey or process! We all know people who are so into the end result that they do not enjoy getting there and that is the stop and smell the roses idea! Thanks for your thoughts!!!