Monday, November 3, 2014

Body vs. Spirit

To the many highly sensitive, intuitive and/or empathic people...we don't have a loving connection to our bodies which are of this Earth.  They are human, 3 dimensional, available to pain and disease, etc.

We intuitive, empathic souls are spirit first and foremost.

So...why would we treat our bodies right?  For those mired in addiction, illness or chronic pain, it makes sense.  Why wouldn't we attempt to "kill" or "destroy" this body that keeps us tied to an earthly realm?  After all, it is our deepest desire to be released and returned to the loving embrace of spirit.

But the truth is, we must find a loving and kind way to integrate our higher spirits with our lower body.  We have a learning purpose here on Earth and as such, we are required to be clothed in a body.

Realize this necessity and seek to love both:
   - The spirit using a body for its own unique experience.

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