Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Must Be Balanced

Hello My Fellow Seekers,

Well, color me violet and indigo! I had a moment of sheer and divine epiphany again!   Isn't this great?

So, I am sitting here re-reading a book called Messages From the Masters (Brian Weiss, MD) and there is a story about Elisabeth Kubler Ross and her mother who had a stroke and died four years later after suffering terribly by not being able to take care of herself. The mother was a woman who always gave to others freely, but never was able to freely receive.  After she died, her daughter Elisabeth was VERY angry with God over what happened; one day during a regular meditation, she heard a divine voice ask her why she was so angry.  She replied that God had betrayed her mother.  God answered that her mother was NEVER betrayed, but instead offered the option of learning how to receive love in only four years as opposed to having to die and return for another lifetime learning how to receive love as someone who was chronically ill or impaired.  Love must be balanced.  This was a true gift to her mother!

In that moment, I realized something HUGE!  I have been writing and blogging all summer about fear and about my family that doesn't understand my work and their roles in my life as people who also have fear, etc. What I have failed to do is just receive their love for me!  Despite the fact that they may do things for me in ways that are different from what I want, they are still doing their own way, they have loved me and in my own way, I failed to accept this and receive it openly and willingly!

This inability to receive is part of the reason why things have been so difficult for me. Until I was unable to receive love freely wherever it was being given, I was going to have to keep learning the lesson the hard way!

How many of us do this and don't realize we are blocking gifts of love with our own struggle? If we stop struggling for just a moment and ask for clarity, we may be able to see what we have been missing! I know I just did.

Thank you for the lesson!



Franci said...

So GOOD..and I just received this lesson today from you regarding my sister.

Tough Cookie said...

GREAT realization! I am so happy for you!